Meet Squatch!
Over the years, I have been asked many questions about my family, about my hobbies, and how I came to become the Sonics mascot. Here is a brief description of my life and family.

Born among the peaks of the Cascade Mountains, I grew up among the trees and rivers in the great Northwest. Growing up I learned to catch salmon and pick berries. But even as a young Squatch, I developed a taste for hot dogs left by friendly hikers when I visited their campsite.

Squatch as a youngster in the Cascade Mountains.
As a boy I loved to play in the snow. Here is a photo my mom took of me walking up the hill for more winter fun. As you can tell, the camera my family used in my youth was not an expensive one.

I also have many relatives overseas. My cousin, Yeti, lives in the Himalayas over in Nepal. For a while he moved to the city to find a new life. He ended up creating a workout video under the title "The Abdominal Snowman." He is currently working on a full-length feature film entitled "My Cousin Yeti."

Soon, I too became restless and wanted to travel to the big city. My initial jobs in the city didn't work out. I failed as a cook and then a waiter. People are so touchy about a little hair in their food. I had a brief movie career as the stunt double for Harry in "Harry and the Hendersons". I was passed over, however, as Billy Crystal's stunt double in "When Harry Met Sally." For a short time I took a job as a donor for the Hair Club for Men.

My greatest thrill was being named as the Sonics mascot. At every Sonics home game, I use my superiorly evolved skills to achieve dunks, jumps and other stunts far too dangerous for lesser primates.