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Kevin Pelton, SUPERSONICS.COM | October 15, 2006
On a cloudy Seattle Saturday, a "humbled" SuperSonics legend Sam Perkins entertained fans as the Sonics & Storm Legends Tour made its eighth stop at White Center Park/Community Center.

Emcee Francis Williams of the Sonics broadcast team introduced Perkins by saying, "There is no better ambassador for the game, no better role model than Sam Perkins."

Perkins, who helped the Sonics win at least 55 games in all six of his seasons in Seattle, found the location fitting. During his career in Seattle, he lived at one point in nearby West Seattle, giving him familiarity with the White Center area. The playground, featuring two courts renovated as part of the NeighborHoops program, "represents the community a great deal," Perkins said. That was backed up by testimony from the King County Parks Department that the courts are almost always in use all year long.

On this day, the court was open for Perkins, who made a 3-pointer - after missing on his first handful of tries - for the first basket after its rededication.

Afterwards, Perkins signed autographs, though he warned, "I haven't signed them in a good long while, so my penmanship has slipped."

Perkins enjoyed looking back on the success the Sonics enjoyed during the 90s with him playing a key role.

"I enjoyed each season - they all were different but they all were special," Perkins said.

"The organization was just as proud and eager to win and did just about everything to help us."

The Sonics & Storm Legends Tour continues Oct. 21 at Powell Barnett Park with the championship backcourt of Dennis Johnson and Gus Williams.