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Sixers Sisters: a true "dream team"

Danielle and her younger sister Valerie have always found comfort in the methodical routine and elegant catharsis of dance. Now, the two, separated in age by just over two years, have found an outlet for their craft, together, as members of the Sixers Dream Team.

They began dancing as children at the Chez Dance studio in their native Sewell, NJ and continued to hone their craft as members of their high school cheerleading team.

Today, Valerie, in her second season with the squad, spends her days working as a pediatric echosonographer, taking ultrasound images of the hearts of patients; her sister Danielle, a six-year member and team captain, works as a third-grade teacher.

"It's a little tough," said Valerie of the demanding schedules of her and her sister. "We come straight from work to the arena, but we make it work."

Balancing busy schedules on and off the court, the two have relied upon one another for both structure and support.

"I go to my sister for a lot of help," said Valerie. "She helps me with a lot of the dances at home, so when we get to perform side by side, it's a really fun experience."

"There's no competition between us," said Danielle, smiling widely. "If anything, Valerie's behind me, telling me to fix my hair, or I'll tell her, 'Val, I think you missed a step there.'

"I definitely think it's helped her to have a team captain for a big sister."

You can see Valerie and Danielle perform at every Sixers home game.