Postgame Quotes: Sixers @ Timberwolves

by Max Rappaport Writer

HC Doug Collins

"We played terribly. I don't know what else to say. It was terrible. No energy. No life at all. It was terrible. I can't candy coat it anymore than that. The only thing we did in the second half was compete more. We didn't play well. We just played harder that's all. We did well. We just played harder."


G Jrue Holiday

On a bad start...

"Yeah, we just didn't have it. We just didn't have it from the beginning. We fought back. Got in some foul trouble and sent them to the line and again just didn't have it."

On lack of effort or execution...

"I think we came out kind of tired honestly. Again that dude (Pek) is a load down there in the middle and obviously you want to foul him because he is not that good of a free throw shooter. Once you get a rhythm like that it's hard to miss all those free throws unless you are certain players. Again they got a better start than we did and we fought back."

On difficulty getting into a rhythm with all the fouls...

"I think from the start it was hard for us to get a rhythm. I think they started off pretty well with a rhythm and making nice passes and moving the ball. I think in the beginning it was a little sloppy. We were turning the ball over but again that could be from coming back from the break. We had a good two days of practice, so I don't know."


C Spencer Hawes

"They know how to exploit it. I think we could learn a lesson from that. When you take away their primary option they have the counter and then they know how to make it happen on the floor."

On Rubio...

"With Rubio orchestrating things it's hard to anticipate what is coming because I don't think there is a lot of improvisation along with the sets they are running and putting the guys in corner in the corner sets and what not."

On thinking they would have come back fresh...

"I think the first play was a microcosm of how the night went. Him (AK) getting behind us for a lob and right away. We are not in a position to allow stuff like that to happen."