Postgame Quotes: Sixers @ Raptors

by Max Rappaport Writer

Head coach Doug Collins

On the third quarter

We couldn’t get any stops, gave them a 29 point quarter, pushed it out.  We got to within six and we just had nothing left, so it goes six to 18 to finish the game.  Everything we did was a jump shot.  We just didn’t have anything.

Are they not reacting as well as they might if they were playing well?
I think what happens when you get a little fatigued the ball sticks, guys don’t move.  They did a really good job early in the game of really pressing us at the elbows, trying to take away the elbow catches and did a job with that.  We fought back and were in a great position.  They did a good job, they got the ball in the paint late in the game rolling to the basket.  Ed Davis got it in there, Amir Johnson, they did a good job.  The third quarter we didn’t get any stops, they scored about six or seven straight times in a row.  Then in the fourth quarter I think we stopped them five, six, seven times but we could never score the ball.  I think as much as anything as a basketball player you struggle to score the ball, that’s probably as deflating as anything and then you throw in fatigue, you throw in the schedule, there’s no question it all rolls together. 


Guard Jrue Holiday (16 points, four assists)

Thoughts on the game

I don’t think we had it today, we didn’t have the energy from the start. That is really it, we just didn’t have energy today.

How discouraging is it when your shot is not falling?

I think that’s discouraging. I think any shooter, any scorer and you do not see the ball, even from your teammates when you are making nice passes, making the extra pass and you don’t see the ball go in, I think it definitely deflates your energy.

Do you worry about the team’s confidence after games like this?

I think that we are pretty strong as a team. The chemistry off the court right now is awesome, on the court I think we do make nice plays, we do nice things and when you don’t see the ball go in with jumps shots, it just gets discouraging. As a team I think we are really strong. We really just need to get back to defence. Stopping guys and holding them to 90 points.


Center Spencer Hawes (six points, nine rebounds)

Is it a deflating feeling when the ball doesn’t go in, does it affect other areas of the game?

I mean I think we’d be lying if you said that you come out and hit a couple of shots that gets everybody going. I think the key is managing that when you go through stretches and not letting it bring everybody down. It is human nature that you feel better if your team gets going, you get some easy ones and get a bit of a lead it brings everybody’s juice up. The key is not letting it when it goes the other direction. Not letting us be on the wrong side of a run that puts the game out of reach. 

It seems as simple as making some shots

All it takes, I have been saying it and waiting for it to happen, one game get a few guys on the same page and get it rolling. Just like now it seems like it is snowballing one direction, it can start going the other direction just as quick.

The first half you didn’t play overly great but were right in the game that seemed like a positive

That’s what we thought. I felt like we weren’t playing well but we were right there and the third quarter was going to be when we took off. We didn’t, we didn’t make enough buckets plain and simple. Didn’t get enough stops.