Postgame Quotes: Sixers @ Celtics

by Max Rappaport Writer

Head Coach Doug Collins

Not making shots early “Deflating, you know when you’re a little tired and you don’t make shots it’s morally deflating. Boston is very aggressive, a lot of trapping, trapped Jrue, trapped Evan, which teams are gonna do. And Kevin Garnett was spectacular, he was great. Paul had sections of the game, Rondo is a brilliant player. You know we were 4 for 20 in the paint at halftime. So a lot of it was them, a lot of it was we just didn’t finish, guys came out we fought, got it to 8. Then Garnett came in and you know bang, bang, bang and sort of put it out of reach. The difference between us right now and a team like the Celtics, the Celtics have a mental toughness born through championships and night in and night out being a team that has to play every single night because teams come with their best efforts. So, they mentally have an incredible approach. Kevin Garnett, I guarantee his legs weren’t the freshest out there tonight, but his mind was the sharpest. And that’s what we gotta build. But you only do it through tough competition, and going through these kind of things. We have a lot of young people, I was proud of our guys, but Boston, they teach you what the next level is about.”

“It’s what happens. Ive been around greatness in my 40 years in the NBA. I’ve seen Michael Jordan at 40, that there’s nothing there and get 50 points. All with this (points to his head). Not wasting anything, just knowing where to be and just taking yourself to another level to fight through fatigue. And that’s what young guys have to learn and so that’s what we’re in the process of doing. I thought our guys fought back into it. We’ve got to do a better job of helping Jrue and Evan when they get trapped. Our guys did not react. I talked to them, I showed them the tape. They’ve gotta react before the trap not after, and we were reacting after it. We’ve gotta get up and get the ball out, because when you do your playing 4 on 3 and so we’ve gotta do a better job of that.”

KG “Yeah I mean Kevin is…I love him. What he’s all about. He came in and his team was in a little bit of trouble, we got it to 8. I was hoping we could put a little game pressure on him to see what would happen. I knew they just lost a 17-0 lead, starting against Milwaukee the other night, getting them in a situation maybe get the game close, where maybe for 3 or 4 minutes maybe something could have happened. But Kevin put that to rest real quickly and we let Wilcox get up under us twice for dunks, which was just lazy plays on our part.”


Guard Jrue Holiday

Shots not falling early “I guess it really feels like it’s you guys against the world, especially at home.  They I guess just kind of came out and started hitting shots. The only thing we could do was fight. Our back was against the wall and the only thing we could do was fight. Everything wasn’t going our way, so I guess you gotta hit rock bottom and come back up.”

KG making shots “Experience, a lot of it. He’s been to championships, he’s been to finals, he’s been to a million playoffs. He’s probably played a million and a half minutes. So, he’s got a lot of experience. He knows what to do, he knows how to get to his spot, he knows how to on back to backs, what it’s gonna be like.”

Missing shots: was it your offense or their defense? “I think all the shots that we took were all good shots. I know in the first quarter at least seven of them rattled in and out, where you thought they were good buckets. Times like that what can you do? Try to go in, try to attack and get a foul. You don’t get that so you just have to keep on fighting.”

What did Doug say at halftime? “He said that we were fighting. The effort wasn’t the problem. We’ve just gotta play a little bit smarter be a little bit mentally tough.”


Guard-Forward Evan Turner

“He definitely competes obviously.  He’s definitely a great vet. To be doing it over 12 years and stuff and try to do it at a high level, you know that’s definitely admirable. That’s it, I mean I don’t really need any pat on the back from them, because I know I’m not gonna get it. At the same time it’s whatever, I don’t want them to kick my butt, I want to kick their butts. I don’t need any kisses any daps, any hugs. They would probably bite my hand off, I’d probably do the same thing.”

“The best way to show your opponent respect is kicking their butt and playing hard.”

When shots aren’t falling, defense, tiredness or just that kind of night? “That kind of night mixed in with…somebody’s grabbing my midsection. Some nights that might end up as a couple of shots at the line, but you know you expect that on my road, you don’t really worry too much about it, but you want to make those shots as well."