Postgame Quotes: Sixers @ Bucks

by Max Rappaport Writer

Head Coach Doug Collins

On tonight’s performance

“First quarter again. We were down 10, we were 5-for-20, so you play uphill the entire game again. [We] let a team get 28 to start the game. It’s a two-possession game in the fourth quarter, and we turned it over three straight times. I told you the key was going to be turnovers. If you look at the numbers again, we had more points than them off of turnovers, we had 29 assists, we had one more field goal, we had one more 3, basically even points in the paint, even fast-break, and we had even second-chance. Thirty-three free throws to 13. At some point in time, you better learn how to get to the free throw line.”

On playing as a unit

“You’ve got to share the ball, you’ve got to help each other out, [and] you’ve got to talk on defense. We’re not good enough to do it by ourselves. We’ve got to do it collectively.”

On Ersan Ilyasova

“He’s a tremendous player. That guy’s a tremendous player. He and [Brandon] Jennings were both great tonight and Monta Ellis. They played really well, but Ilyasova, I’ve always been a huge fan. The guy can shoot the 3, he rebounds, he’s tough, he defends. [Thaddeus Young] struggles against this team because of Ilyasova and because of [Larry Sanders].”


Guard Nick Young

On the loss

“We’ve still got to find a way to pull these games out and just come out with intensity from the start. We just had the shots that we just [didn’t] make. Somehow we’ve got to figure it out, come together and stay together as a team. It’s nothing bad we’re doing. We know what the problem is. We’ve got to fix it.” 

On the Bucks tonight

“[Ersan Ilyasova is] playing tough. They play unbelievable, all of them. Brandon, Ilyasova, Sanders blocking shots. They play as a team. That’s how we’ve got to play. They play the way we need to play.”


Guard Royal Ivey

On the first quarter

“We’re struggling in that department. Once we start playing together we’re fine. The first quarter has been killing us, we’re really hurting.”

On how to manufacture energy in the first quarter

“Getting stops, just being active. We’re playing hard, we’re competing. We’re just getting off to slow starts. We can’t get used to that. We have to get out of that mentality.”

On what’s led to first half struggles as of late

“We’re just missing some shots. The execution, we have to keep our turnovers down. The effort is there, the energy is there, we just have to put it together. We have to be on the same page. The continuity has to be there, and it hasn’t been there the last eight-to-nine games. That’s on the offensive and defensive ends. Once we put that together we’ll be fine. We’re playing hard.”