Kyle Anderson Draft Profile

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Hometown North Bergen, New Jersey
Birthday (Age) 9/20/1993 (20)
Height 6'9"
Weight 230
Wingspan 7'2.75"
Projection First-round Pick

Combine Results

Standing Reach Body Fat No Step Vert Max Vert Max Reach Vert Lane Agility 3/4 Sprint
8'11.5" 13.4% - - - - -

2013-14 Stats

36 (33.2) 14.6 8.8 (1.3) 6.5 (3.1) 1.8 5.0/10.5 (48.0%) 0.8/1.6 (48.3%) 3.8/5.2 (73.7%)

According To The Experts:


Vision Rebounding Versatility


Athleticism Quickness Scoring

“Has great floor vision thanks to his height and his instincts…Thanks to his size advantage over most of his match ups, he's able to post up on smaller guards or throw entry passes right over their heads…Despite his lack of speed and acceleration, Anderson is able to get past normal-sized point guards with his long strides”

“Has a 7'2" wingspan…Great at using spin moves and head fakes to make up for his lack of speed and create a shot for himself…Has the size and skill-set to play three or four positions…Has great floor vision in addition to the ability to see over the head of his defender…A very intelligent player who knows how to set up his teammates and make good, pro-caliber plays.”

“Kyle Anderson is arguably the most unique prospect in this draft class, with an unprecedented combination of passing, rebounding, 3-point shooting percentage and basketball IQ in a 6-9 frame… What makes Anderson truly special is his prodigious passing ability, which made him one of the most entertaining players to watch in all of college basketball. He led all prospects in our Top-100 rankings in assists at 7.4 per-40 minutes pace adjusted, the highest rate of any player that size in our database since Evan Turner, Luke Walton, and John Salmons. Anderson is a terrific ball-handler who can pass with either hand and shows amazing creativity with the ball in his hands.”