Jordan Adams Draft Profile

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Hometown Lawrenceville, Georgia
Birthday (Age) 7/8/1994 (19)
Height 6'5"
Weight 209
Wingspan 6'10"
Projection -First-round Pick

Combine Results

Standing Reach Body Fat No Step Vert Max Vert Max Reach Vert Lane Agility 3/4 Sprint
8'6" 10.8% 24.5 in 29.5 in 10'11.5" 12.13 sec 3.50 sec

2013-14 Stats

36 (30.1) 17.4 5.3 (1.9) 2.3 (1.5) 2.6 5.8/11.9 (48.5%) 1.4/4.1 (35.6%) 4.4/5.3 (83.6%)

According To The Experts:


Basketball IQ Scoring Range


Athleticism Quickness Potential

“Many scorers use the defensive end for 35 seconds of rest time, or don’t crash the boards hard ... Adams instead seeks an opportunity to score at all times ... While on defense, he is great in anticipating passing lanes and jumping them to get out on a fast break ... He always sprints to the offensive half court to find easy points.”

“Adams is slightly undersized for a shooting guard at around 6-5, but makes up for that with an extremely long wingspan and a strong frame that he will need to continue to tone. He's not a great athlete in terms of sheer quickness or explosiveness, but finds a way to be productive thanks to terrific scoring instincts and strong anticipation skills.”

“Mostly a straight line ball-handler, Adams can overpower opponents en route to the rim and is able to absorb contact and finish strong using his length, strength and creativity, despite not possessing great athleticism. He ranks as one of the better finishers inside the paint among wing players in this draft, converting an outstanding 64% of his attempts around the basket. He also gets to the free throw line at a solid rate (7 times per-40), and knocks down 84% of his attempts once there.”