Doug McDermott Draft Profile

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Hometown Ames, Iowa
Birthday (Age) 1/3/1992 (22)
Height 6'8"
Weight 218
Wingspan 6'9.25"
Projection Lottery Pick

Combine Results

Standing Reach Body Fat No Step Vert Max Vert Max Reach Vert Lane Agility 3/4 Sprint
8'7" 7.1% 28.5 in 36.5 in 11'7.5" 11.10 sec 3.29 sec

2013-14 Stats

35 (33.7) 26.7 7.0 (1.6) 1.6 (1.8) 0.2 9.4/17.9 (52.6%) 2.7/6.1 (44.9%) 5.1/5.9 (86.4%)

According To The Experts:

The most prolific scorer in recent college basketball history, Doug McDermott finished his career fifth on the NCAA's all-time scoring list. The son of Creighton head coach Greg McDermott, he averaged a remarkable 21.4 points per game in his four years in Omaha, topping out at 26.7 points per game as a senior. Perhaps most impressive is the fact that he did this while shooting 55.0% from the field, 45.8% from beyond the arc, and 83.1% from the free-throw line for his career.

A player who relies more upon skill and fluidity than upon pure athleticism, McDermott surprised some by putting up impressive numbers at the NBA Draft Combine (maximum vertical, lane agility, and 3/4-court sprint, in particular). Still, most believe he projects less as a small forward – a natural fit given his frame – and more as a stretch power forward in the NBA, where he can space the floor offensively and spend more time defending the post than the perimeter. Many analysts believe that he has one of the highest "basements" in this year's class because of his elite shooting ability and potential as a role player.


Scoring Range NBA Ready


Athleticism Length Defense

“Unbelievable scoring skills … Is aided by his outstanding shooting touch and “easy” shooting stroke … Deep range as a shooter … Has a textbook form to his shot, and squares his shoulders to the basket almost instantaneous when he attempts jumpers … Shows a very quick release and has the ability to quicken his release against closeouts.”

“Catch and shoot, off the dribble, coming off a screen, you name it, McDermott can do it all from the perimeter. He knows how to create space, as he has multiple release points on his jumper and is as aggressive a scorer as you'll find, but still has impeccable shot-selection, often passing up good looks knowing he'll get better opportunities later in the shot-clock.”

“McDermott may have been the best scorer in college basketball this season, but his draft projections don't entirely reflect that. While everyone believes he'll be a great shooter at the NBA level, teams aren't entirely convinced he can guard a position, which makes him considerably less valuable. He should go somewhere between 10 and 15.”