NBA Rookie Photo Shoot 2014: Recap

by Max Rappaport Writer

On Sunday, the NBA’s 2014 Draft Class gathered in New York for the league’s annual Rookie Photo Shoot. For many players, it was their first time donning their team’s official uniform, and for fans of those teams, it offered a glimpse into the future. 

In addition to taking photos, players took part in a dunk-and-trick-shot challenge and answered questions posed by fans via Reddit’s NBA forum, r/NBA.

Sixers rookie Joel Embiid jumped online to respond to some fans, endorsing Nerlens Noel as his pick for Rookie of the Year, talking about his idol, Hakeem Olajuwon, and showing some humility regarding his budding Twitter stardom. When asked to make three non-basketball wishes, he told the inquiring fan, “First, be the best soccer player ever. Second, get a James Harden beard. Third, for you to be happy.” You can view the entire Q&A session HERE.

The NBA’s digital team was on site to capture all the on- and off-the-court fun on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Vine, and Snapchat. Here’s how the day went for Sixers attendees Embiid, K.J. McDaniels, and Jerami Grant:

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