The Moonbounce

The Moonbounce is something great for younger kids up to around 12yrs old. It has 4 netted walls with each corner having a basket for dunking and shooting at. This inflatable has a roof on it as well so it is usually cooler inside than the Dunk Pit. Size: 12’L x 12’W x 18’H

General Information

When we come to an inflatable appearance we bring two friendly staff members as well as some prizes for the kids. The prizes vary depending on availability, from Sixers temporary tattoos to water bottles. The staff members monitor the activities on the inflatables and make sure everyone is safe. Any kids who break rules or act aggressively are immediately told to exit the inflatable in order to prevent injuries of themselves and the kids around them. Another way we ensure safety is to only allow a certain number of kids on the inflatable at a time, as well as make sure there are large variances in the sizes of the kids on the inflatable at the same time. The staff will also setup and breakdown the inflatable and is able to answer any questions you may have on site.


Event Type First Hour Each Additional Hour
Commercial $300 $100
Non-Profit $200 $100