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Major Deals

Updated October 29, 2007

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  • 2000s
    December 19, 2006
    Acquired Andre Miller, Joe Smith, and two first round draft picks for Allen Iverson and Ivan McFarlin

    February 24, 2005
    Acquired Rodney Rogers and Jamal Mashburn from the New Orleans Hornets in exchange for Glenn Robinson

    February 23, 2005
    Acquired Chris Webber, Matt Barnes and Michael Bradley from the Sacramento Kings in a six-player deal that sent Kenny Thomas, Brian Skinner and Corliss Williamson to Sacramento

    August 4, 2004
    Acquired Corliss Williamson and an undiclosed amount of cash from the Detroit Pistons in exchange for Derrick Coleman and Amal McCaskill

    July 20, 2004
    Traded Eric Snow to Cleveland for Kedrick Brown and Kevin Ollie

    July 23, 2003
    Acquired Glenn Robinson from the Atlanta Hawks and Marc Jackson from the Minnesota Timberwolves in a four-team deal that sent Keith Van Horn to New York and Randy Holcomb, along with a future-protected first-round pick and an undisclosed amount of cash to Atlanta

    December 18, 2002
    Acquired Kenny Thomas from the Houston Rockets in a three-team deal that sent Mark Bryant and Art Long, along with a future first round pick to the Denver Nuggets

    August 6, 2002
    Acquired Todd MacCulloch and Keith Van Horn from New Jersey for Dikembe Mutombo

    October 25, 2001
    As part of a three-way deal, acquired Derrick Coleman from Charlotte for George Lynch, Jerome Moiso and Robert Traylor, as well as Corie Blount and Vonteego from Golden State for Cedric Henderson and a conditional first round pick

    Feburary 22, 2001
    Acquired Dikembe Mutombo and Roshown McLeod from Atlanta for Toni Kukoc, Nazr Mohammed, Theo Ratliff and Pepe Sanchez

    February 16, 2000
    Acquired Toni Kukoc from Chicago as part of a three-way deal that sent Larry Hughes and Billy OWens to Golden State and Bruce Bowen and John Starks to Chicago

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    June 30, 1999
    Traded future 1st round draft pick to Atlanta for the draft rights to Jumaine Jones

    March 11, 1999
    Traded Tim Thomas and Scott Williams to Milwaukee for Tyrone Hill and Jerald Honeycutt

    June 24, 1998
    Traded future No 1 draft choice to Utah for Nazr Mohammed

    February 19, 1998
    Traded Terry Cummings to New York for Herb Williams and Ronnie Grandison

    February 17, 1998
    Acquired Joe Smith and Brian Shaw from Golden State for Jimmy Jackson and Clarence Weatherspoon

    January 18, 1997
    Acquired Eric Snow from Seattle for 2nd round pick

    December 19, 1997
    Acquired Theo Ratliff, Aaron McKie, and first round draft choice from Detroit for Jerry Stackhouse, Eric Montross and a 2nd round draft choice

    June 25, 1997
    Traded No 2 draft pick (Keith Van Horn), Lucious Harris, Michael Cage and Don MacLean to New Jersey for No 7 draft pick (Tim Thomas), No 21 draft pick (Anthony Parker), Jimmy Jackson and Eric Montross

    June 20, 1997
    Traded Clarence Weatherspoon and Michael Cage to Boston for Dino Radja (nullified)

    February 22, 1996
    Secured Ed Pinckney and Tony Massenberg from Toronto for Sharone Wright, Sixers also had option on draft picks in 1996 and 1997

    November 30, 1995
    Secured Derrick Coleman, Sean Higgins and Rex Walters from New Jersey for Shawn Bradley, Tim Perry and Greg Graham

    July 28, 1994
    Signed free agent Scott Williams

    July 25, 1994
    Traded Eric Leckner to Detroit for 2nd round draft pick

    February 24, 1994
    Traded Jeff Hornacek, Sean Green and 2nd round draft pick to Utah for Jeff Malone and No 1 draft choice in 1994 (BJ Tyler)

    September 3, 1993
    Traded Hersey Hawkins to Charlotte for Dana Barros, Sidney Green, rights to Greg Graham and a No 1 draft pick (1984)

    October 8, 1992
    Traded Jayson Williams to New Jersey for conditional 1st or 2nd round draft choices

    June 17, 1992
    Traded Charles Barkley to Phoenix for Jeff Hornacek, Andrew Lang, Tim Perry

    January 4, 1991
    Secured Armon Gilliam and Dave Hoppen from Charlotte for Mike Gminski

    October 29 , 1990
    Secured Jayson Williams from Phoenix for No 1 draft pick in 1993

    August 1, 1990
    Secured Manute Bol from Golden State for No 1 draft choice (1991)

    June 26, 1990
    Secured Minnesota's No 2 draft choice for Scott Brooks

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    October 27, 1989
    Secured Rick Mahorn from Minnesota for No 1 draft choice (1990), No 2 picks in 1991, 1992

    August 28, 1989
    Traded Maurice Cheeks, David Wingate and Chris Welp to San Antonio for Johnny Dawkins and Jay Vincent

    June 15, 1989
    Shelton JOnes picked by Minnesota in expansion draft

    June 28, 1988
    Traded Charles Smith to Los Angeles Clipppers for Hersey Hawkins and 1989 1st round draft choice

    June 23, 1988
    Hansi Gnad picked by Miami in expansion draft

    January 16, 1988
    Secured Mike Gminski, Ben Coleman from New Jersey for Tim McCormick, Roy Hinson

    September 29, 1986
    Secured Tim McCormick and Danny Vranes from Seattle for Clemon Johnson and 1st round draft choice in 1989

    June 16, 1986
    Secured Roy Hinson and cash from Cleveland for a No 1 draft choice
    Secured Cliff Robinson and Jeff Ruland from Wahington for Moses Malone, Terry Catledge and first round draft choices in 1986 and 1988

    January 31, 1986
    Signed free agent Bob McAdoo

    October 23, 1985
    Traded Clint Richardson to Indiana for two 2nd round draft choices

    December 15, 1984
    Traded Marc Iavaroni to San Antonio for draft choice
    Secured George Johnson from Indiana for two 2nd round draft picks

    February 15, 1982
    Secured Clemon Johnson from Indiana for Russ Schoene and two draft choices

    September 15, 1982
    Secured Moses Malone from houston for Caldwell Jones and a No 1 draft choice

    August 27, 1982
    Traded Darryl Dawkins to New Jersey for No 1 draft choice and cash

    February 8, 1980
    Secured Lionel Hollins form Portland for No 1 draft choice

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    October 8, 1979
    Traded Joe Bryant to San Diego for No 1 draft choice (1986)

    February 7, 1979
    Harvey Catchings, Raplh Simpson, money traded to New Jersey for Eric Money, Al Skinner

    October 12, 1978
    Traded Lloyd Free to San Diego for No 1 draft choice

    August 16, 1978
    George McGinnis and No 1 draft choice (1978) traded to Denver for Bobby Jones, Ralph Simpson and No 1 draft choice (1980-84)

    October 21, 1976
    Julius Erving purchased from New York Nets

    July 28, 1976
    Caldwell Jones signed future contract February 25, 1975 and re-signed

    September 11, 1975
    Joe Bryant's rights purchased from Golden State

    July 10, 1975
    George McGinnis signed as a free agent

    November 8, 1974
    Tom Van Arsdale traded to Atlanta for Clyde Lee, 3rd round draft choice

    January 25, 1973
    John Block traded to Kansas City for Tom Van Arsdale

    November 11, 1972
    Bob Rule traded to Cleveland for Dave Sorenson

    November 2, 1972
    Bill Bridges and Mel Counts traded to Los Angeles Lakers for LeRoy Ellis, John Q Trapp

    December 14, 1971
    Traded Wali Jones to Milwaukee for John Block, draft choice and cash

    November 19, 1971
    Jim Washington traded to Atlanta for Bill Bridges

    October 18, 1971
    Archie Clark, draft choice, cash traded to Baltimore for Fred Carter, Kevin Loughery

    May 20, 1971
    Toby Kimball selected by New Orleans in expansion draft

    October 16, 1970
    Darrall Imhoff traded to Cincinnati for Connie Dierking, Fred Foster and draft choice
    Matt Guokas traded to Chicago for draft choice

    May 11, 1970
    George Wilson selected by Buffalo and Fred Hetzel by Portland in expansion draft

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    October 3, 1969
    Traded Craig Raymond and draft choice to Cincinnati for Fred Hetzel

    September 2, 1969
    Traded Chet Walker and Shaler Halimon to Chicago for Jim Washington and (Bob Kauffman named May 11, 1970)

    January 22, 1969
    Traded Jerry Chambers to Phoenix for George Wilson

    July 9, 1968
    Traded Wilt Chamberlain to Los Angeles for Jerry Chambers, Archie Clark and Darrall Imhoff

    May 6, 1968
    Jim Reid, Larry Costello picked by Milwaukee, Bill Melchionni by Phoenix in expansion draft

    January 11, 1968
    Traded draft choice, cash to San diego for Johnny Green

    May 1, 1967
    Bob Weiss, Nate Bowman selected by Seattle; Dave Gambee by San Diego in expansion draft

    April 30, 1966
    Gerry Ward and Al Bianchi selected by Chicago in expansion draft

    September 22, 1965
    Traded John Kerr to Baltimore for Wali Jones

    January 15, 1965
    Traded Lee Shaffer, Connie Dierking, Paul Neumann plus cash to SF for Wilt Chamberlain

    October 21, 1963
    Sold Len Chappell to New York