Sixers Franklin

Franklin's Story



Franklin's Story

When the Philadelphia 76ers decided they needed a new mascot, they knew it had to be 'FOR KIDS, BY KIDS.' And so they created a kids-only Chief Design Team to lead the way and find their new mascot.

The Chief Designers worked night and day to find a mascot that was Philadelphia through and through, who loved the game of basketball, and who could be their biggest friend and fan at every Sixers game.

As they dug through piles of books, watched movies and spoke with Philadelphians far and wide, along with more than 1,000 kids, they found a common thread…a special creature…whose ancestors had been a part of the city’s history from the start.

When George Washington crossed the Delaware, a blue tail was wagging in the boat.

When our nation’s forefathers signed the Declaration of Independence, a blue paw was found on the scroll.

A blue mouth dragged Ben Franklin to safety after he was struck by lightning and discovered electricity.

A furry blue flash ran alongside Rocky Balboa, and put two paws in the air when he reached the top of the Art Museum steps.


Franklin's Stats

BIRTHPLACE: The City of Brotherly Love, [the best city in the world] Philadelphia, PA.

HEIGHT: 5’10”, or 6’ with ears up

WEIGHT: 176 lbs

TAIL LENGTH: 5 doggie treats long or 1’3”

COLLEGE: Dog Pound U

NBA DEBUT: February 10, 2015

POSITION: Team Mascot, so preferably the center of attention

FAVORITE BOOKS: Clifford the Big Red Dog, any school book and, of course, NBA playbooks

FAVORITE MOVIES: Lassie, Air Bud, Space Jam, and Grease….what can I say? I like to dance!

FAVORITE COLORS: Red, White & Sixers Blue

FAVORITE FOOD: Anything on your plate

FAVORITE JOKE: What happens when it rains cats and dogs? You can step in a poodle!

HOBBIES: Entertaining and bringing joy to kids by dancing, dunking, high-fiving, silly-stringing, pranking and, of course, reading a lot!

PET PEEVES: Opposing teams, opposing team colors, opposing team fans...pretty much anything opposing team...also leashes...but most of all newspapers. (By the way, why is it called a "Pet" Peeve?)