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Sixers Dancers China Diary - 6/20/2011

After our usual breakfast together in the hotel lobby and a hard workout at the gym, we were ready for our busy day that our tour guide, Chen, had planned for us! For the first time since we have been in Hangzhou, we ventured to the famous West Lake where we were able to take a boat cruise. What we thought was going to be a peaceful ride quickly turned into a mob of fans wanting to meet us and pose for photos with us! However, we did take the time to look around at the beautiful scenery and architecture around the lake that included pagodas and three man-made islands within the West Lake.

Afterward, Chen took us to one of the markets here in Hangzhou where we could shop and try more traditional Chinese cuisine. Our day was not over yet; our next stop was the well known water light show on the West Lake. We saw three hundred Chinese dancers put on a traditional show where it appeared as though the dancers were dancing on top of the water! It was amazing for us to see the different dance culture on the other side of the world.

We all agreed that a quick stop at the Night Market on Wushan Road was a great way to top off an awesome day. This market is known for bargaining and we left there happy with some great deals!

You think taxis in Philly are hard to get? We quickly learned that China takes the cake. With a lot of a trouble trying to communicate with the locals, we had spent almost an hour trying to get back to our hotel. Finally, we found a generous local who understood English enough to help us find a taxi. At this point, we were exhausted and starving! Near our hotel, we noticed a Hibachi restaurant that was still open. To our surprise, the staff welcomed us with smiles from ear to ear. We enjoyed a nice meal together that reminded us of Hibachi restaurants in Philly.

We have our second performance here in China and we are resting up tonight as well as getting excited to perform for our fans again!