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Sixers Dancers China Diary - 6/12/2011

Zao shang hao (good morning), Sixers fans! This morning we started our day early with a workout. With auditions quickly approaching we want to make sure we are staying fit and looking our best. After our workout we met Allen and the Wizards Dunk Team in the lobby and started our tour of Chongqing.

Starbucks was our first stop. There we were able to get a familiar cup of coffee. Next we visited the Flying Tiger Museum. Here we observed a talented Chinese artist at work. His beautiful paintings were displayed through out the museum. Ashley just had to buy one as a souvenir. Next, Allen led us to Chongqing Eling Park. Here we interacted with locals as we signed autographs and took photos.

Before reaching our next destination we were delighted to have found a KFC. We stopped for a quick lunch before heading to our final stop of the day, the Chongqing Zoo. This was the most beautiful zoo we had ever seen. We were very impressed with how close we were able to get to our favorite animals, especially the pandas. Tigers, monkeys and hippos were a few other animals we got to see. This was by far our favorite stop of the day.

After our busy day we all met for dinner at a nice restaurant inside our hotel. With a large variety of foods like duck, noodles and an assortment of marinated meats we were able to experience some Chinese cuisine. We are now relaxing in our room and uploading photos and videos of our trip.