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Introducing Edin Bavcic

When it comes to the second round of the NBA Draft, everybody’s looking for a “diamond in the rough.” The Sixers are hoping that they found theirs.

After trading for Rodney Carney in the first round and acquiring Bobby Jones early in the second, the Sixers made a move to acquire a player that they believe could be something special.

“It was a big surprise for everybody,” said the Sixers 76ers European Scouting Coordinator Danko Cvjeticanin when talking about the pick.

The acquisition of Edin Bavcic wasn’t one that many outside of the 76ers front office expected. The young forward from Bosnia was relatively unknown and was the only player selected in the draft without a bio created on NBA.com.

While Bavcic’s name may not be easy to pronounce, Cvjeticanin has a very high opinion of him.

“Danko and Courtney [Witte, the 76ers Director of Player Personnel] had mentioned him while we were looking at second rounds after we finished the first round, and ranking the guys I asked, ‘Is there anything in the second round that we really want?’” stated Sixers President Billy King at a press conference on June 29. “He was one that Danko really liked, and Courtney liked, and at the time that I was down addressing you guys [the media] they were negotiating on the phone, and they chased me down.”

“Bavcic is a young kid, 22 years old, from Bosnia,” said Cvjeticanin. “He’s 6-feet-10, he’s a great sized forward, power forward, who can shoot the ball and can run the floor very, very well. He has good muscle definition, and because of that I see a better transition to the NBA game. I really think that down the road, in one or two years, he will be ready for the NBA game.”

King and his staff are looking forward to meeting with Bavcic and determining how soon he can be making an impact for the 76ers.

“We’re going to talk with his agents,” said King. “Danko says he’s going to be trying out for the national team in the beginning of July, and if he can’t get over here Tony and I will go over and meet with him and talk with him. We’re going to figure out what is best for him, whether it’s coming over this year or staying over there.”

Bavcic may be considered a project since it may be a while before he plays in the NBA, but that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t know how to play the game.

“Courtney and I were in Treviso for the Reebok Eurocamp, and he played over there very, very well,” said Cvjeticanin. “He played for four days against the best young kids in Europe and he was one of the best players over there. I really think that he has a chance to be a pro.”