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2010-11 Sixers Dancers - Ashanti



TV Show: House

Book: 1984

Movie: Catch Me if You Can

Musician/Band: Maroon 5

Food: Korean Food

Dessert: Ice Cream

Vacation Spot: Spain

Hometown: Anchorage, AK

How many years have you been dancing? I have been dancing for a total of 13 years

Describe previous dance experience. I danced at Alaska Dance Theater in Anchorage where I also participated in performances of The Nutcracker with Ballet West and even in high school dance programs. During summer semesters, I participated in dance intensives at Walla Walla, Washington in Washington D.C. While in Philadelphia, I was a member of the Temple University Diamond Gem Dance Team.

What do you do when you aren't dancing? When I am not dancing, I spend my time working and enjoying as much of Philadelphia as I can.

What is something that people would be surprised to learn about you? People would be surprised to know that I love hiking and camping.

What do you think are the biggest advantages of being a Sixers Dancer? One of the biggest advantages of being a Sixers dancers is being able to share my love of dance with the great fans of Philadelphia while sharing my love of basketball with them too!

What made you decide to try out? I decided to try out because I love dance and basketball and I knew that being part of the 76ers dance team was a perfect way to be part of both!

Besides dancing, do you have any other talents? I make really nice jewelry.

Describe your favorite memory of dancing. My favorite moment of dancing was the first time I danced with the girls as a new member of the Sixers team.

Describe a typical day in your life. Typically, I wake up late and have to rush to class or work and then come home and relax while watching a funny movie.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? In ten years, I see myself being a successful business woman while also being the best mom and wife possible. Also, I will probably be constantly taking my kids to basketball and dance practice so that they can be the next Sixers Dancers and players!

What do you love most about Philadelphia? I love that there is always something new and exciting to do. This place is never boring!

What is your favorite sport to watch and play? I love watching and attempting to play basketball. I really get into the games.

Are any of your family members dancers? My mom used to be a great disco dancer.

Favorite Philly Food? I love Water Ice!

Favorite Philly Landmark? Philadelphia City Hall