SECAUCUS, NJ, August 29, 2007 -- Rookieland woke up to big news out of Hong Kong this morning, as the No. 6 pick, Yi Jianlian signed with the Bucks.

Yi obviously has the talent and the size to be a very nice player down the road, but will he make an impact with the Bucks right away? Let's take a look at the current Bucks depth chart (not including Yi) ...

PG: Williams, Greer, Sessions
SG: Redd, Storey
SF: Simmons, Mason, Noel
PF: Villanueva, Skinner, Markota
C: Bogut, Gadzuric, Voskuhl

Even if they resign Charlie Bell (and Larry Harris said today that he anticipates getting that done), they're most solid at the the forward positions, which is where Yi will get his time. So, you can't really guarantee significant burn in his rookie season, although Charles F. Gardner believes playing time may have been part of the negotiations going on in China. Still, the Report sticks with keeping Yi out of the Top 10 in our Rookie Ranking Projections.

Of course, there are other adjustments we'd like to make. For instance, with Elton Brand out for at least a significant portion of the season, Al Thornton certainly moves up into our projected Top 10.

Juan Carlos Navarro should be a Top-10er as well, and his presence in Memphis might move Mike Conley down a few slots. Luis Scola is another international vet that could certainly make an impact right away.

Thanks to his Summer League performance, Marco Belinelli definitely moves into the Rotation Regulars group, and probably into the fringe of the Top 10. But despite Aaron Brooks' terrific play both at the NBA Summer League and against Team USA, there may not be a huge role in Houston right away for AB, as the Rockets still have Rafer Alston and Mike James on their roster.

And with the Hornets adding Morris Peterson, Julian Wright probably slips out of the Top 10. He should still get plenty of burn though.

So, here's what our revised projections might look like...

1. Kevin Durant
2. Greg Oden
3. Al Horford
4. Juan Carlos Navarro
5. Al Thornton
6. Corey Brewer
7. Acie Law
8. Jeff Green
9. Mike Conley Jr.
10. Marco Belinelli

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The Mail

We've got a pair of e-mails received in the last few weeks worth answering...

Mike - Palm Coast, Fla.: What kind of impact do you think Corey Brewer will make on the Timberwolves? How many points and steals do you think he will be getting a game?

T-Mobile Rookie Report: Even though the T-Wolves still have a lot of wings on their roster, you have to believe that Brewer will get plenty of minutes, so that they can develop their best young talent. His numbers may not be all that impressive (we'll go with 7.5 points and 1.25 steals per game to answer your question), but he'll be one their better defenders.

Brian - Brisbane, Aus.: Hi, first let me say I love the Rookie Report and Rankings. I am curious though to see where you might rate Luis Scola now that he is coming to the NBA. It will be interesting to see what happens with a guy like him where the box score won't give an accurate picture of his impact. As the projected starting 4 on a playoff caliber team in the west going against it's big guys night after night he will be a big part of the Houston dynamic. More a comment than a question, but would be interested to hear your thoughts and what sort of things you consider in making your rankings. Being a big part of a winning team and doing the dirty work and hustle must count for something...

RR: The Report is just as curious to see where he'll end up in our rankings. They're certainly not based on stats completely, as Jorge Garbajosa stayed high in our rankings throughout last season largely due to other aspects of his game. Still, stats play a predominant role in the Rookie of the Year voting, as evidenced by Adam Morrison finishing fourth last season.

The Report had a hard time keeping Scola out of the revised projections above. He'd certainly be No. 11, and it wouldn't surprise us if he finishes much higher than that.

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