SECAUCUS, NJ, July 26, 2007 -- The Rookie Report does not take the summer off.

In case you haven't noticed, the Report has hooked you up with the latest rookie news from around the web on the Fan Voice here, here, here and here.

Well, now we've launched The Rookie Report Blog, where we'll keep hooking you up with the links, as well as game notes, nightly lines, Q&A's and other assorted rookie-related information.

Most of that will start in October, but tomorrow (Friday) will actually be a big day on the blog, as the Report and a couple of NBA.commrades will be at the annual Rookie Photo Shoot. For an idea of exactly what that is, check out our report from last year's shoot.

This year, there will be 43 rookies in attendance, including 13 of the 14 lottery picks. And we'll have more coverage than we've ever had. So, check the blog again on Friday, and then tune into the Rookie Report next week for the full rundown of events.

Before the Report get to the rest of the mail, I'm going to put several people on blast. You see, when we posted the Summer League Rankings on Monday, we got a lot of mail from people wondering why the following players were mistakenly left out: Jose Barea, Rodney Carney, Brandon Bass, Randy Foye, Jason Maxiell, Pops Mensah-Bonsu, Craig Smith, Tyrus Thomas and Louis Williams.

"mat" from Austin, Tex. wrote in about five of the above players (and not one rookie), so he's the one who gets his name published.

Now, the Report knows that, on the homepage, the link was called out as "Summer League Rankings", but if you actually read the feature (and if you wrote to complain about the above players being omitted, I'm assuming you did click on the link), you should have seen the large title that began with the word "Rookie", as well as the bright pink Rookie Report banner above it.

Reading comprehension is a beautiful thing, folks. And we're making it a point of emphasis on the Rookie Report this season (but let's not let our spelling, grammar and punctuation suffer!). So, before you write your scathing e-mails, make sure you've actually read through what you're writing about. Otherwise, you're getting chewed out in this space (or perhaps in the blog if I'm feeling frisky on a non-Thursday).

And how come no one complained about Renaldo Balkman not being on the list? He was a beast in Vegas!

Now that we got that out of the way, let's get to the mail from those of you that realize that Rookie Rankings are limited to players who haven't played in the NBA before.

The Mail

Nate - South Jordan, Utah: Why is Morris Almond of the Utah Jazz not mentioned anywhere?

T-Mobile Rookie Report: OK. That's a legit beef. Almond was definitely under consideration, but his numbers (12.9 PPG, 2.7 RPG, 0.7 APG, .432 FG%, 2-11 3PT) at the RMR didn't stand out to the Report, and at press time, I hadn't had the chance to watch him play.

But since the Report received several e-mails about Almond's omission, I TiVo'd the NBA TV replay of Jazz-Hawks from July 19 and stayed up late (because I had to wait for Mrs. Report to finish watching So You Think You Can Dance) last night to watch it and take notes. Here are my thoughts...

Offensively, Almond is a pretty complete player. He's obviously a good shooter, but he can also put it on the floor if the defender closes out on him. And he had a pretty nice baseline turnaround over the right shoulder on a post-up, as well as a big step-back jumper from the baseline that made it a three-point game in the final minute of regulation.

His defense is another story. His effort wasn't bad, but his footwork needs a lot of work and he even made a couple of fundamental mistakes such as not positioning himself between the ball and his man when he was one pass away. As a result, he got beat both off the dribble and when his man dove toward the basket to receive a pass.

So, the Report stands by our decision to not include Almond in the top 20 (21 or 22 sounds about right), but he probably should have been mentioned in the Noteworthy section, and I wouldn't argue if another observer had him in the 15-20 range.

Coleco - Atlanta: I feel that Acie Law should have been a lot higher than ten. I like that you put him in the rankings but, other than the first game, he was the most consistent rookie for the whole summer. Not saying he should be number one, but at least in the top five with his performance in the league.

RR: Watching the Jazz-Hawks game also allowed the Report to get a closer look at both Law and Al Horford. Law was pretty impressive. He's quicker than I thought, and he was able to get into the lane off the dribble with ease, either finishing at the rim or kicking it out to an open shooter. There was also a nice spin move into the lane and drop-off through traffic to Horford for a lay-up, as well as a couple of pull-up J's off the dribble.

Defensively, Law wasn't anything to write home about, but he wasn't bad either. So, you could maybe bump him up to No. 8 or 9 perhaps, but he was a little too inconsistent to call him top five.

Chris - Tampa, Fla.: You must be out of your mind not to rank or mention Sean Williams, a post player, rebounder, shot-blocker, who finished ranked 4th in the Pepsi Summer League on a team who desperately needs what he possesses. This guy will instantly produce, brain dead call, deserves to be in the top 10. Rest is ok, you are obviously a sad Knicks fan who does not care for the Nets, that is fine in journalism, but not in ranking :)

RR: Ummm... check the Report's profile.

I liked the Williams pick. I thought it was a good risk to take given the players that were left on the board at 17. And he looked good at times during the PPSL, but he was still quite raw offensively and was definitely not one of the 10 best rookies of the summer.

Also, with Krstic, Collins, Magloire and Boone probably ahead of him in the rotation to start the season, the Report would be surprised if he contributes much early on. He may turn out to be a nice long-term investment and the right pick at 17, but he's not an immediate answer to the Nets' frontline issues.

For more on Williams though, check out the Report's notes from a couple of weeks ago.

Rory - Toronto: Hey RR, Just wondering where you think Yi Jianlian will end up this season?

RR: Milwaukee. The Report thinks (and hopes) that something will eventually be worked out.

boomdizzle99 - Bryan, Tex.: Those rankings are all wrong! Kevin Durant is by far the best and only All-Star of that group. Aaron Brooks is a fluke who will get no burn because of Steve Francis/McGrady/Luther Head/Rafer. I like Marco Belinelli because of the system he'll play in, but come on, look what Durant did in the State Farm Challenge. Rookies with no experience can't do what he did, do they? The better the players around him, there will be less sloppy play. I mean he is going to be a 20 PPG player from Day 1. Who else will score in Seattle, huh? He'll get the rebounds once players like Johan Petro are released.

RR: The Report still has Durant as the favorite to win the Rookie of the Year award, but these were Summer League rankings, and he was clearly not as good as the players above him. His performance in the State Farm Challenge was terrific, but that didn't count toward the rankings. I'll just keep it in the file for future reference.

Don - Gary, Ind.: How does Aaron Gray rank 2nd in one league, 3rd in another league, and not make the overall top-10?

RR: It's either a gross miscalculation, or there was just a lot more talent in Las Vegas than there was in Orlando or Utah.

Sam - Houston: I love the new management from the Rockets. When they made this pick, everyone was criticizing them for picking one of the shortest players in the draft when they needed a power forward. Now people see how smart the Rockets are. They traded for Luis Scola, one of the best players not in the NBA, and they got the best projected rookie in a class that included Kevin Durant and Greg Oden. A similar situation happened last year in the draft where the Rockets traded Rudy Gay for the awesome Shane Battier.

It is funny that the top rookies of this year have all been selected past the lottery picks. This really shows the true value of the draft.

RR: The Report pretty much agrees with everything you wrote, Sam. Like the Nets at 17, the Rockets didn't have anyone left on their board at 26 who was going to fill their biggest need and contribute right away. And like the Nets, they're in a win-now situation.

Now, I'm still not sure where Brooks fits in the depth chart, but I like the Scola move and I think the Rockets are set up to make a lot of noise this season ... as long as they can get past the first round.

Elijah - Strafford, Ver.: I actually wanted to commend you on your rankings...I am very glad to see you rank the rookies based on their actual performances rather than hype...i.e. no Oden, Durant #9.

I think you should have had Jeff Green on the list though...he is better than Jared Dudley, and I think his numbers reflect that.

Also, I was wondering why in the world did the Celtics sign Brandon Wallace?

RR: Green was good, and he was in the Report's 11-20 group, but other than points per game, Dudley's numbers were better across the board.

I was actually pretty impressed with Wallace the couple of times I watched him. His numbers weren't great, but he was an energy guy who seemed to be everywhere on the floor, especially defensively. Now, according to this, his contract is not fully guaranteed, and the Celtics still have some roster trimming to do, so we'll see if Wallace sticks in Boston or not.

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