SECAUCUS, NJ, July 5, 2007 -- Another season at the Rookie Report has begun. On Monday, we projected what the final Rookie Rankings might look like, and on Tuesday, we gave you a list of 10 second rounders who could make an impact right away.

And of course, you disagreed with us. Which is great. The Report loves a good basketball discussion. And obviously, since we haven't seen these guys play on the NBA level, we're all just speculating at this point.

Of course, we'll see most of them in Summer League action starting tomorrow. There are three leagues in which these guys will play: Las Vegas (July 6-15), Orlando (July 9-13) and Utah (July 13-20). So keep it locked on and the Rookie Report for full Summer League coverage. At the end of the Rocky Mountain Revue, we'll have another batch of Rookie Rankings.

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The Mail

ShiRo83 - Barcelona: Juan Carlos Navarro is negotiating his leave from FC Barcelona to go to the NBA. I think he could be one of the new sensations the next years if his coach gives him some opportunities. Euroleague MVP's, Spanish League MVP's... the Spaniard is in a great moment, I hope you will see that because he has more potential than Manu Ginobili. "La Bomba" arrives NBA.

T-Mobile Rookie Report: The Report saw Navarro last year when the Sixers were in Barcelona, and of course, we've seen him play for the Spanish National Team numerous times. So, if he is indeed coming over to play this season (here's the latest), he'll definitely be on our radar, and we can certainly see him finding his way into the rankings. The guy can fill it up.

And that reminds us that there's one other guy we should have mentioned in our rankings: Theo Papaloukas. But now there's a report out there that Papaloukas may be staying in Europe, so we'll keep an eye out for anything concrete.

RJ - Accokeek, Mary.: C'mon man, you really think Speedy Claxton is going to start ahead of Acie Law? Acie could give the Hawks 12 pts. 5 ast. and 4 rebs. right from the get go.

RR: The Report likes Law a lot, RJ. And he'll get plenty of burn and could start by the end of the season, but Claxton will probably still be the starter when the season starts.

Hasan - Calgery, Alb.: I totally agree with you on Nos. 1-4 maybe even No. 5, but I just cant see Acie Law scoring 18 ppg and 5 apg. That's like saying he is as good as Mike Bibby, or better than TJ Ford. He may end up where u put him now, but not with those numbers

RR: Dear Hasan and everyone else who wrote about the stats posted in the Rankings... There's a sentence in italics above the rankings that reads, "Stats are from the player's last season in college."

Thanks for writing. Stay classy. Love, the Rookie Report.

Mike - Philadelphia, Penn.: What's up with Thaddeus Young? I think he should be on the list ahead of a few of the guys, perhaps not in the top 10, but in the top 20. I think he should start at the 3 and Iggy should start at the 2 with Korver coming off the bench as a scoring 2 guard and Carney as an athletic 3. I think Young will have a big impact for the Sixers at the 3 and will be averaging a good 0 points 3 rebounds and 2 assists a game.

RR: The Report likes Young, but he's a little ... ummm ... young. He just turned 19 (Happy belated birthday, Thaddeus!) and he was looked at as one of the lottery guys who had more potential than NBA-readiness (if that makes sense). Couple that with all the wings (Iguodala, Korver, Carney and Willie Green) that the Sixers have already, and Young may not see regular burn in his rookie season.

Joey - Boston, Mass.: Yeah I think Yi should definitely be in the top 10. Are you crazy? I know the international players are always kind of put down because nobody really has as good an idea about their skill as they do about Americans. I've seen Yi play in China at least 5 times because I have family out there and let me tell you, he's the KG of Asia, which isn't saying much, but you know what I mean. Look at Yao, everyone thought he'd do great because he's 7'6", but everyone was disappointed at first because they built up so much hype over his height. Yi is the complete opposite, and I think it would be wise to stop underestimating this guy. Trust me, he's amazing.

RR: Yi certainly has the potential to crack the top 10, or even the top five, but the Report put him in the second group because, at this point, he hasn't said that he's willing to play for the Bucks. Hopefully, he'll change his mind, but until he does, we can't put him ahead of rookies who we know will perform.

Boffa - Chicago, Ill.: Have you forgotten about possibly the most offensively gifted big man in the draft? What happened to Spencer Hawes? He has much more chance to be a top rookie than Jason Smith, Sean Williams, or Glen Davis.

RR: Hawes was a solid pick at 10, but like Thaddeus Young, he's probably a year or two from being ready to play a significant role in the NBA. While his skill set is something the Kings need, the Report is not sure he jumps ahead of Kenny Thomas in the Sacramento big man rotation right away.

Ben - Newmarket, Ont.: Don't count out the hidden gem that Brian Colangelo will pick out of Europe to be this season's Garbajosa!

RR: If Giorgos Printezis stays in Greece another year and the Raps don't sign an undrafted rookie, Toronto fans will be sorely missed around these parts. With no Raptor rookies, the Report will neither laugh or cry as much as we have the last two seasons.

Perhaps y'all can adopt Marco Belinelli (he's Italian like Il Mago and Mr. Gherardini) as one of your own and write exorbitant amounts of mail panegyrizing him and his play in Golden State.

Cam - Portland, Ore.: Why not Greg Oden 1, Rudy Fernandez 2, Petteri Koponen 3, Josh McRoberts 4, and Taurean Green 5. That is my opinion.

RR: But if all of those guys get enough playing time to finish in the top five, how are Brandon Roy and LaMarcus Aldridge going to finish 1-2 for MVP?

And nevermind, Toronto. With Blazer fans like this, the Report might not miss you guys.

Philemon - Diamond Bar, Cal.: Hey, whatever happened to Josh McRoberts? Agile, athletic and strong 6'10" forward who'll be competing for the 3 spot on the Blazers? He scores, rebounds, blocks, and has great court vision. Probably one of the best passers in the entire draft. It's not his fault he was on one of the worst Duke squads in the school's history. He's way underrated. Remember that he was the number one prospect going into college. As a freshman, he didn't get much spotlight because of Redick and Williams. Last season, they had NOBODY. Paulus? Some other skinny white guy(s)? Not much of a supporting cast if you ask me. Either NBA scouts are ignorant or completely stupid. He should have been top 10 in the draft. The Blazers got the biggest steal this year...TWICE. I guarantee that not only will he be a starter for the Blazers (majority of the season), but he'll be putting up at least 10 ppg, 9 rpg, 4 apg, and 1.5 bpg.

RR: The Report was going to skip over this e-mail until we read the guarantee. When you write a guarantee like that, you get yourself published. Someone take note and remind the Report of Philemon in Diamond Bar, Cal. at the end of the year, so he/she can be properly ridiculed at that time.

And can McRoberts really play the three?

The Report agrees that he was a nice pick at 37, but we just don't see him getting regular burn for the Blazers in his rookie year, let alone average nine boards.

Giuseppe - Bruno, Idaho: Hey... What about Marco Belinelli?? Are you kidding me? Not even a mention? Now the J-Rich is gone, just watch what this kid is gonna do!! He is a great guard who can shoot from anywhere but who is also a great finisher in traffic with his spectacular dunks!! He will conquer minutes, points , assists, his teammates and his fans!!!!

RR: As we wrote in the Brandan Wright item, we're not sure how or if Don Nelson will play his rookies. And of course, you have to take into account that Belinelli will probably need more time to adjust to the NBA than other rookies. Still, we're looking forward to seeing him play in that system and it's certainly not out of the question that he could crack the top 10 at some point during the season.

Brian - Belle Mead, N.J.: Are you kidding me? Herbert Hill, the 50-something pick, even in the ROY talks? I love the Sixers but even I know that's not going to happen any time soon.

RR: Hill doesn't have a shot at ROY, and he might not crack the top 10, but he has a real chance to get more playing time than half of the guys drafted before him. And that's why he's on our list.

Richard - Hamilton, Ont.: I love this column. Loved it last year, and I'll love it this year. How about some stats predictions? How many points for Durant? How many boards and blocks for Oden? How many assists for Conley? Let's see how close you get.

RR: Durant: 20.5 points per game. Oden: 2.75 blocks. Conley: 5.8 assists. Your turn, Rich.

Brendan - Canberra, Aus.: Hey guys, just wondering if Oden does become this years ROY, has there even been a team that has had back to back ROY's or has there ever been a team to have 2 ROY's play for the 1 team?

RR: Back-to-back ROYs for one team has happened four times.

Walt Bellamy (1961-62) and Terry Dischinger ('62-63) first did it for Chicago (Packers in '61-62, Zephyrs in '62'-63, and now the Wizards).

Then Earl Monroe ('67-68) and Wes Unseld ('68-69) did it for Baltimore (also now the Wizards).

Then Geoff Petrie (who tied for the award with Dave Cowens in '70-71) and Sidney Wicks ('71-72) did it for Portland.

And right after that, Bob McAdoo ('72-73) and Ernie DiGregorio ('73-74) won back-to-back ROYs for Buffalo (now the Clippers).

Obviously, it was more likely to happen back then because there were less teams in the league. Here's the full list of Rookie of the Year winners.

And if you look at that list closely, you'll see that the Blazers already have two ROY winners on their roster, while the Grizzlies currently have three, the Nets have two, and the Suns will be adding a second soon.

Kizza - Melbourne, Aus.: Just wondering how you think Brad Newley will go in the NBA. I have seen him play a few times with the Australian Boomers and he is a good player with good skills and also he has quickness. Have you heard much about him in the USA? I think he will fit into the Houston lineup at shooting guard.

RR: The Report doesn't know too much about Newley. He's one guy we'll be trying to watch closely in Vegas. It's hard to imagine him getting major burn for the Rockets this season though.

D.P. - Austin, Tex.: I would definitely put Nick Young in the top 10 among rookies for the end of the year. If Stevenson doesn't come back, Young is almost a guaranteed starter, and when Gilbert goes to the bench will provide some solid backcourt scoring and maybe even average double digits in points for the Wizards.

RR: If Navarro comes over, then it's more likely that Stevenson will go elsewhere, but then you've probably got Navarro likely playing ahead of Young. And you've still got Gilbert and Antonio Daniels there, so while Young should certainly be a regular in the rotation, he may not see as much time as you think.

Mark - Lenoir, N.C.: I just have one question about the Rookie Rankings. Why isn't Jared Dudley's name mentioned in the rankings? He seems like a legitimate candidate to me for three reasons:
1) He is probably the smartest player in the draft when it comes to basketball IQ.
2) He stayed in BC all 4 years, and looks as ready for the NBA as anyone except Kevin Durant.
3) He is pretty much guaranteed some playing time in Charlotte.

RR: The Report really liked the Dudley pick at 22 and had him penciled into our "10 More Who Should be Rotation Regulars" list, but then we realized that the Bobcats still have Adam Morrison, Matt Carroll and Walter Herrmann at the wings, plus Gerald Wallace if he comes back. So, we're not sure there's a lot of playing time left over for Dudley this season.

Ross - San Jose, Cal.: Come on guys, Herbert Hill was drafted by Utah NOT Philadelphia.

RR: And then traded to the Sixers. Try to keep up, Ross!

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