July 29th, 2014

Hey Rockets Fans!

Today was our last day in China! The crowd at NBA Nation was the biggest and best yet! We wanted to make our fans back home proud of us and we killed our routines! It was a great ending to our NBA Nation experience. For our last dinner in China we went out to eat with our translators and our travel partner, Burnie, the mascot for the Miami Heat. It was a relaxed evening with great people! We have met so many nice and interesting people while here in China. Everyone has been so hospitable. We want to thank everyone involved with our stay in China, but most of all we want to thank the best translators ever: Sasha and Serena! It's hard to say Goodbye, but we are ready to come back home to H-Town!

Go Rockets!


July 26th, 2014

Our day started off with thunderstorms and ended with sunshine just in time for the NBA Nation event. It began with an upbeat intro, the crowd was engaged and shouting continuously as we threw T shirts. As the vibe was intense we jumped on the stage for our next high-energy performance. RPD went around the whole venue engaging with fans and taking many pictures. We got to play the Chinese traditional drum, shoot a 30 foot hoop, test our vertical, and dunked Casey in a tub full of fluffy basketballs. RPD had a blast! Make sure you stay tuned for more fun updates on our last day in Shenzhen with NBA nation.

Have a good night :-)


July 25th, 2014

Neen-how Red Nation!

We began today with our daily team bonding over breakfast. It's funny how much we've learned about each other during these morning get togethers. After practicing in the hotel gym, we headed to the NBA Nation location. There were multiple courts, a larger-than-life inflated basketball, and 15' NBA player cut outs! This adult NBA playground set the air for our performances later in the evening. The introduction show featured performances by RPD and also included Burnie from the Miami Heat being carried on the court in a traditional Chinese "Litter", local dancers, B-boys, and a live DJ. In the midst of all these performers, the crowd responded so well to our performance. When we dropped to the ground at the end of our first dance, they roared! We did a quick wardrobe change for our other dances and in this sticky humidity it was a challenge. The fans were so excited to see us that they were snapping photos even when we were hiding in a corner to practice our next dance, but later we had the opportunity to take pictures with them and an official championship trophy. Once the event concluded, our bus ride back to the hotel was full of stories and laughter as we wind down from the day's excitement and heat. NBA Nation will run this entire weekend, so be sure to check back to find out how the rest unfolds.


July 25th, 2014

Hello from Shenzhen, China!

RPD started the day with practice for tomorrow's NBA Nation event. It was great to walk up and see the venue transforming into a basketball fantasy land. We marked our formations and practiced our dances in the blistering heat and that is coming from someone who was born and raised in Houston, Texas! Although it was hot, it was worth every second! We then headed to a boys and girls basketball school to perform for a NBA Cares event. The young girls really enjoyed our performances. I realized that all of our hard work was paid off when those kids faces lit up in excitement to meet us! A few of us still had a little more shopping to do for our friends and family back home, so we swung by the shopping mall one last time! ;) I think our tour guides think we are crazy after all the shopping we've done. After shopping we decided to walk a few blocks from our hotel to grab dinner. Little did we know that when we finished it would be pouring rain outside!!!! With the language barrier and no tour guide, our only option was to wear trash bags and book it back to our hotel! Four blocks later we were soaked from head to toe. My stomach was cramping from laughing so hard and running as fast as I could through the flooded streets. Soaking wet hair, makeup running, and squishy shoes made for another great memory on our China trip. I wouldn't have had it any other way. Tune back in to see how our NBA Nation event goes!

- Alysse

July 23rd, 2014

Today is our second day in Guangzhou, China! We performed two routines today at the Peak 3 on 3 tournament, and the fans loved it! They were so welcoming and excited to see us, & it was awesome to know we have such supportive fans halfway across the world! The next day we were off to the next city, Shenzhen. After a 2 hour drive, we arrived at the shopping center there, and shopped for the entire afternoon. I think our tour guides were even surprised at how long we were able to shop! With many bags in hand, our first day in Shenzhen came to end, and we returned to our hotel to rest up for our first day of performances here. Tomorrow we are performing at NBA Cares, and after 2 days of nonstop shopping, we are all excited to get back into performance mode! Stay tuned for more updates from RPD in China!


July 19th, 2014


We made it safely to Guangzhou! We had our first appearance yesterday and it was such an amazing experience! For the rookies, Casey, Taryn, Mari and Desiree, it was the first time performing in the RPD uniform! After their first performance, they said it is all still very surreal! Imagine being announced as a new member of RPD then 2 weeks later traveling overseas to represent the Rockets! This is the second trip to China for veterans Paige and Alysse, who know the ropes a little better now when it comes to shopping in the city, and some of the ways of the Chinese culture! It’s been a great trip so far and the girls are really enjoying themselves! We are now getting ready for our second day of performances and appearances! After a long practice this morning we have a little down time before we head out! We definitely miss Houston, but we are so grateful the NBA has invited us out to China again! We’ll check back in soon! Until next time!

Go Rockets!
-Coach Natalie