McALLEN, TEXAS - Jon Brockman (eye injury), Carlos Delfino (visa delay) and Royce White (personal matter) have not reported to Rockets training camp in McAllen, TX. Updates will be provided as warranted. The team will not have further comment.

HOUSTON -  媒体日是樂天派的節日。至少對NBA周期來說,媒体日是獨一無二的:在這一天,人們得“戴上”玫瑰色眼鏡,端起注定只能斟到半滿的酒杯。在媒体日,全体三十支隊伍都公開表達他們有多愛隊友,對那些怀疑論者如何的不屑一顧,以及內心的夢想(包括妄想)多么宏偉。

HOUSTON -  媒体日是乐天派的节日。至少对NBA周期来说,媒体日是独一无二的:在这一天,人们得“戴上”玫瑰色眼镜,端起注定只能斟到半满的酒杯。在媒体日,全体三十支队伍都公开表达他们有多爱队友,对那些怀疑论者如何的不屑一顾,以及内心的梦想(包括妄想)多么宏伟。

HOUSTON - Media day is for optimists. It is in fact perhaps the only day, in NBA circles at least, dedicated primarily to those who view the world through rose-colored glasses and drink only from chalices deemed to be half-full. On media day, all 30 teams publicly love their players, scoff at the doubters and harbor dreams (and delusions) of grandeur.