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Year In Review: Jordan Hamilton

Reflecting upon Jordan Hamilton's past, present and future following the 2013-14 campaign.


Jordan Hamilton enjoyed a solid start to the season with the Denver Nuggets, sprinkling in several strong performances while vacillating between a starting role and one that saw him come off the bench in relief. By the time January rolled around, however, Hamilton had been reduced to a bit player with the Nuggets, prompting the trade deadline deal that brought him to Houston in February. With the Rockets, a similar pattern emerged: the 23-year-old delivered quality results early on in his tenure before seeing a nearly simultaneous diminishment of both his playing time and production.


Interestingly, Hamilton’s best stretch as a member of the Rockets occurred during his first three games with the team. Between February 25 – March 1, the third-year wing averaged 13.7 points and four rebounds per game while shooting better than 41 percent from beyond the arc.


As is the case with Robert Covington, Hamilton’s best bet for carving out a productive and extended NBA career likely hinges upon his ability to transform himself into a reliable ‘3-and-D’ player. That means the University of Texas product is going to need to raise his hit rate from beyond the arc above the 36 percent plateau he’s established up to this point in his career while also getting himself into the kind of mental and physical shape necessary to hound, harass and otherwise make life miserable for the wing players in this league who are capable of lighting up the scoreboard on a nightly basis. Hamilton has displayed hints of that skill set here and there, but far more consistency in that area is going to be required in order for him to attain a regular spot in the rotation. Furthermore, he’d be wise to ensure the dip in rebound rate he experienced this season is the exception rather than the rule going forward.