Brett Gunning's Summer 2010 China Blog

Tuesday August 3, 2010 10:48 AM

Rockets On The Road... In China

Rockets' Brett Gunning checks in from the Far East with updates from NBA clinics in China

Brett Gunning

Houston Rockets' Director of Player Development Brett Gunning is in China for the next couple weeks taking part in a pair of NBA clinics which will include the likes of Yao Ming, Dwight Howard and several other NBA stars. While abroad, Gunning will share his insight from the trip with daily blog posts, pictures, videos and more.



Tuesday, August 3rd - Homeward Bound

The final camp came to an end today in Beijing...was able to spend some great time with former NBA Champion AC Green...not only did he win 2 championships as a player, but he also holds the all-time record for most consecutive games played (1,192) in the NBA. He has a pretty cool connection with the Houston Rockets as well...his wife was a Rocket Power Dancer for eight years!

My trip comes to an end today as a fly back to the States in a few's truly been an amazing trip. Seeing another country, experiencing a different culture, being around such energetic and passionate kids made it very enjoyable. Many thanks to the NBA and the Houston Rockets Organization for providing me with such an incredible experience.

Thursday, July 29th

Shanghai is an amazing city! If you can believe it, the population is just under 20 million people...and to put that into perspective, the population of New York City is just under 10 million people. The camp here went great. I can now see where Yao gets his passion and work ethic from. The kids from Shanghai worked so hard and really had a great attitude...they were so coachable and really wanted to get better all week. They have an incredible love for the game of basketball, and they are huge Houston Rocket fans as well...they know all about our guys...Battier, Scola, Brooks, Martin, Ariza, Lowry...they kept asking me about all of them! Back to Beijing today for one more camp before heading home!

Tuesday, July 27th

Stopped by an Elementary School today in Shanghai with Aaron Brooks and Chase Budinger where they shot some baskets with the students, played some table tennis, and learned how to write calligraphy, all for a good cause with Project Hope and Uni-President. They also showed their skills later in the day making pizza and ice cream. Check out the pictures when you get the chance!

Sunday, July 25th

Last night in Beijing, Yao kicked off his 2010 Foundation Charity Tour. There was an incredible Celebrity Game that included two Houston Rocket Players: Aaron Brooks and Chase Budinger. Some other NBA players who played in the game as well were Steve Nash (Suns), Baron Davis (Clippers), Hasheem Thabeet Grizzlies), and Brandon Jennings (Bucks). It’s incredible to see how much love there is for Yao in China. He truly is an inspiration to so many people. The next blog will include an update from Shanghai, where camp is going great!

Wednesday, July 21st

The first camp came to an end today...what an awesome couple of days. The campers were great to be passionate, so was very refreshing! They were so hungry to learn...they did whatever we asked them to do. At the end of camp, we had to select the six best campers who will now go on to represent Beijing in the Amway Nutrilite Jr. NBA Challenge...we will do the same thing in Shanghai next. Basically, the top players six from 4 cities ( Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Taipei) will then compete against each other, with the winning team awarded a trip to the 2011 NBA All-Star game in Los Angeles. Off to Shanghai later today...can’t wait to get there...heard it’s the New York City of China!

Monday, July 19th: Hanging with Dwight

What an amazing day at camp to spend most of it with Dwight Howard....he’s a great guy, one who truly enjoys being around kids and giving back to the game of basketball. I learned one of his secrets as of the ways that he stays so fit is that he does between 200-300 pushups a day. We were waiting back in a lounge area at one point during the day, and he dropped down to the floor and knocked out a quick set...he just tries to fit it in during the course of the day. He told me that Yao is one of his favorite players to go up against in the NBA...he has so much love and respect for Yao.

He was also laughing about how when the Orlando Magic played us this past season, he picked up two fouls in the first 22 seconds of the game (and he had to be subbed out)...he said that had to be the quickest substitution of all time. He also went on to remind me that he didn’t miss a shot that game...he was right, he shot 11 for 11 and scored 30 points! It was really an enjoyable’s great to spend time with guys like Dwight...people who are not only great at what they do, but also great people as well. Time for an authentic meal tonight...going to grab some Pizza Hut and Dairy Queen!

Sunday, July 18th: Beijing camp begins

First day of camp went great...the kids were so fired up. It’s always refreshing to be around younger kids who are passionate about learning, and passionate about the game of basketball. I have an interpreter who has to communicate everything I say to the’s kind of strange, but we’re making the best of it. I’m also starting to learn some should see the look in their faces when I yell out some Chinese phrases! I look forward to saying them to Yao the next time I see’s going to surprise him as well....2 of my favorite phrases are: “Lan-ban” (Rebound!) and “Fang-shou” (Defense)! Tomorrow is going to be a great day...Dwight Howard and I are scheduled to give the kids two different clinics...i’ll try and send some pictures and video afterwards.

Saturday, July 17th: Beijing

Camp doesn’t start until Sunday, so I got a chance to see some Beijing history today, including Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City. I also got a chance to see Wukesong Olympic Arena, which was where the “Redeem Team” won the Gold Medal in the 2008 Olympic Games. It was a pretty amazing day for sure...there’s so much history and culture in Beijing. Camp starts in the morning...i’m really looking forward to working with the young kids. That’s one of the great things about this trip...we are so blessed to be a part of the NBA, and to be able to give back and help younger players get better, it’s a great feeling. The camp that I will be a part of is called the Amway Nutrilite Junior NBA City Camp. Dwight Howard from the Orlando Magic will be there as well (He is the NBA Ambassador for the camp). Should be a great time! I’ll let you know how the first day of camp went in my next entry.

Friday, July 16th: Arrival

Arrived in Beijing after a smooth 12-hour flight from San Francisco. I couldn’t read one more page from my book, watch another movie, or listen to another was time to get off the plane for sure. First stop was right to the NBA China Office in Beijing. What was amazing was that there were over 100 people still working in the office at 6pm on a Friday evening...that’s why the NBA is such a class operation! One of the first people I met in the office was a die-hard Houston Rockets fan who had grown up in Katy, Texas. He now works in the Investments and Operations Department for NBA China (he had a huge poster of Luis Scola above his desk)! I got a chance to meet a lot of great people who obviously have a great deal of pride in working for the NBA. Off to check-in to the hotel and enjoy some dinner.

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