Tracy McGrady Fast Break

Fast Break with Tracy McGrady

What’s your favorite restaurant in Houston?

“I don’t really go out to eat that often, but when I do, I go to Yao’s. I get the sweet and sour chicken and the shrimp fried rice.”

What’s your favorite car?

“Lamborghini Murcielago. It’s just a bad sports car – it’s fast and it looks good. I’ve had one before and I loved it.”

What’s your favorite vacation spot?

“I have a couple, Acapulco and Cabo San Lucas.” 

If you weren’t a professional athlete, what would you be doing right now?

“I’d be a professional athlete. I’ve always been surrounded by sports my entire life. If I wasn’t playing basketball growing up, I was playing baseball , so if I wasn’t a professional basketball player, I’d be a professional baseball player.”

What’s your favorite gadget?

“My favorite gadget would have to be my PSP (Playstation Portable). I play baseball. I play the season, all 162 games, playoffs, World Series, the whole thing. I take it everywhere I go.”

What’s your shoe size and your favorite pair of shoes ever?

“My shoe size is 16 and may favorite pair of sneakers would have to be, I think they were called foam Penny Hardaways or something like that. I visited the Nike plant in Portland my senior year in high school when I was trying to decide between Nike and Adidas and they gave me that pair of shoes. I was the first one to ever have them.”

What CD do you have in your CD player right now or music in your mp3 player?

“Well, Jay-Z is my favorite. He’s in all the rotations.”

If you had three hours to yourself to do whatever you wanted, what would it be?

“That’s a great question. I would probably just chill and watch some of my favorite comedy movies. Harlem Nights, Friday, Friday After Next, I love movies like that.”