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Wednesday November 29, 2006 12:44 PM

Inside the Dancers Studio

RPD co-captain Carrie B. visits with Rockets.com

Name: Carrie B.
Age: 23
Hometown: Houston
Occupation: Recent graduate
Alma Mater: University of Houston
Degree: International Business
Seasons as RPD: Second

Rockets.com: Why did you become a Rockets Power Dancer?
Carrie B.: I have been a Rockets fan my entire life. I can remember watching the 1994-1995 championships and going to the games as a little girl. I remember being so mesmerized by the dancers and watching their every move. The energy and excitement that the dancers had on the court inspired me to keep dancing and one day tryout for the team.

Rockets.com: How was your experience on opening night?
Carrie B.: Opening night was an amazing feeling this year. Since I am a veteran and a co-captain on the team, I had an idea of what to expect from the crowd. It was my duty to motivate and teach my fellow rookies about how important opening night is. I was a little nervous since I was performing two new dances, and managing the Rockets Little Dipper team that was performing for the first time on opening night.

Rockets.com: What's the hard part about being a veteran/co-captain?
Carrie B.: Making sure the rookies learn all the possible "ins" and "outs" to the game, our performances, appearances, and public involvement. Keeping everyone motivated, making sure everyone is on time, and keeping all members up to speed with current dates and games.

: Do you enjoy being the coach of the Little Dippers?
Carrie B.: My role is to choreograph and coach the 26-member kid’s team. The Little Dippers perform at weekend home games and practice weekly. What I enjoy most about working with the Little Dippers is watching my ideas and choreography shine through the kids as they perform. Watching these talented kids grow and giving them something to look forward to as they get older is very important for me. Just being a role model for the kids means everything to me, and then if I can teach them how to dance, I have done my job!

Rockets.com: What do you love about being a dunking dancer?
Carrie B.: I love the fact that the Rockets fans can see another part of what we can offer besides just dancing. I love the excitement the crowd brings when we perform, and the jitters I get just before I run for my dunk!

Rockets.com: Were you excited about having one of your dunks featured in Sports Illustrated?
Carrie B.: Well, obviously being published in Sports Illustrated is a huge honor. I am so happy and have been truly blessed to work for a great organization like the Houston Rockets. The response from Rockets employees and Rockets fans has been positive and very motivating.

Rockets:com: What has been your favorite moment, so far, as a Rockets Power Dancer?
Carrie B.: My favorite moment so far as a Rockets Power Dancer is when I was selected to travel to China and Europe to perform for our troops this summer. The chance to travel to a different country, see different cultures and experience a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to perform for our troops overseas was an overwhelming and life-changing moment!

Rockets.com: How close is the team?
Carrie B.: The team is very close this year. We spend more time together than with our families during regular season, so it is really important that we establish a team relationship and sisterhood with each other. I consider all my teammates my sisters and would call upon any of them during hard times.

Rockets.com: What are you looking forward to seeing this season?
Carrie B.: I am looking forward to seeing the Rockets make it to the playoffs this season. We have an amazing team this year, and if we all stay healthy, we should and WILL dominate the other teams.

Rockets.com: What do you do in your free time, if you have any?
Carrie B.: In my free time, I like to workout and do turbo-kickboxing classes. I like to go to the movies, spend time with my family and friends and of course stay active!

Rockets.com: Do you have a favorite activity?
Carrie B.: I would consider my favorite activity to be dancing and then kickboxing, I can’t imagine my life without the two. Both activities keep me in shape and in a good mood!

Rockets.com: What is your favorite sports team?
Carrie B.: The Houston Rockets of course! We have the best fans and professional basketball players in the league!

Rockets.com: What is the greatest movie ever?
Carrie B.: The greatest movie ever is anything that stars Meg Ryan! Kate and Leopold and You’ve Got Mail.

Rocket.com: Do you have an interesting fact about yourself that few people know?
Carrie B.: An interesting fact about me is that I am the tallest member on the team at 5-foot-10. And, I am left-handed!

Rockets.com: If you could have dinner with anyone on the planet, who would it be and why?
Carrie B.: If I could have dinner with anyone on the planet, it would be Madonna. She has been a dance icon for me for as long I can remember.

Rockets.com: What do you expect to be doing 10 years from now?
Carrie B.: I expect to have a successful career in marketing and public relations, traveling the world with my husband, starting a family, and still dancing!