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Rockets Power Dancer of the Week.
Week 2: Carrie B

Houston Rockets Power Dancers come from all walks of life. From professionals to students, the RPD have all the bases covered. Carrie B. is one Power Dancer ready to make the transition from student to professional. Carrie is in her last year working toward a degree in international business at the University of Houston, but still finds time to be a Rockets Power Dancer. Carrie told Rockets.com that while being a student and member of RPD are demanding, it is well worth it.

“I would be lying if I told you it is easy to juggle college and dancing for the Rockets,” Carrie said. “But I love to stay busy and would not trade it for the world. My business classes are somewhat difficult, but completing my senior year with top honors is very important to me. Since dancing is my passion, I don't mind giving up my spare time and doing whatever it takes to fulfill my job as a Power Dancer.”

Some might find international business as an odd major for a person interested in dance and athletics, but unlike many her age, Carrie has a clear vision for her future.

“I picked international business as my major because learning about how every country is interrelated is very important as globalization increases within our society,” Carrie said. “Increasing my knowledge in another language and culture is a major part of my degree. With my expertise in English and now Spanish, I hope to become a part of a large multinational corporation and travel the world.”

Those are big dreams but seem certainly attainable for someone who has managed a busy schedule, not just this year, but virtually her whole life.

“I played many sports growing up,” Carrie said. “I was the only girl on my baseball and basketball teams. My favorites were gymnastics, cheerleading, and of course dancing. My dad used to be a gymnast and competed in college. He was the one that got me and my brothers into the sport. I did gymnastics until high school and then decided to do cheerleading for high school and competitively. During both sports (gymnastics and cheerleading), I also danced for a local studio, where I also competed.”

With Carrie’s athletic background, RPD was a perfect fit, so when tryouts came around, the lifelong Rockets fan jumped at the opportunity to join RPD.

“Being a native Houstonian, I have been a Rockets fan since I can remember,” Carrie said. “My dad used to love watching the games when I was younger, and I guess it was a way we could bond. Although, to be honest when we attended basketball games I just remember watching the dancers the entire time. I have always had this inner passion for dance, and being on a professional team. This year I decided to fulfill the dream or at least give it a try. To my amazement, I made it though every cut for tryouts, and here we are today ... I made it.”

It’s already been a busy season for Carrie, but she is enjoying it so far. Her most memorable moment was taking the Toyota Center floor for the first time in the RPD uniform. It was the first in what she says has been a series of great moments.

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