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Each Day during All-Star week, a different Rockets Power Dancer will be checking in to fill in basketball fans around the world as to the happenings in Houston. Check back daily for a new entry.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Hello, Everyone!

I hope you are all enjoying reading about our week of fun during the NBA All-Star break. It has been a lot of fun and hard work at the same time. But…..before I get into all the juicy details, let me just start off by introducing myself. My name is Leandra and I am a two year member of the Rockets Power Dancers. I would have never in a million years thought I would have the opportunity to participate in such an amazing event. As a team, we have been waiting for this week for what seems like a lifetime.

Yesterday we started the day at 8:30 am. I do have to say that we all walked in half asleep from the Rookie/Sophomore game the night before. Each day brings a new experience for us. Yesterday, the day began with rehearsals for every contest, game, and performance, including stage and lighting setup. Crew members began putting the mid-court stage together for John Legend, and the audio crew tested music over and over for Carrie Underwood. Little did we know, one of our fellow RPDs, Nicole G., would get her few minutes of fame. She picked up a soda can and started singing along to Carrie Underwood’s performance music. What we were also unaware of was that the camera men were also testing angles and were on her the whole time. The whole arena was treated with a lovely performance. She loved it and we were all rolling on the floor laughing. Shortly after, we began rehearsing for Carrie Underwood and John Legend. Because perfection is the key in any live performance, I think we rehearsed each song dozens of times!

During afternoon rehearsals, a few of our Launch Crew members started teaching a few brave RPDs how to break dance. It was interesting to see, but let’s just say we won’t be trying out for Launch Crew any time soon. As soon as the stage was put together, all the performers did a final run through of player introductions and it went great. It was time to break for lunch, but we stayed a few minutes longer to rehearse for “You Shook Me,” which was the dance we would be performing that night.

Finally, it was time to get ready for the big event. We were all over Toyota Center, running around to make sure we had time to eat dinner, get dressed, and to get hair and makeup done. Among everything else that was going on, I was frantically rushing to meet my mother, who had graciously brought my costume that I had left at home. Moms are the best! As soon as I got back and dressed, it was time to get ready for player introductions. We were all excited and as soon as the music hit, everything seemed to fall into place. It looked awesome! Once we were done, all the performers got to sit on the other half of the court and cheer on all the participants for the Skills challenge, slam dunk, and 3 point contest. Then, it was our time to perform. We came out sporting our new black jersey top and were all ready for the best performance ever. We hit every move and hair throw, and it felt so great that we wished we could have kept dancing. As soon as we were done, we sat back on the court and watched the contests and other performers. It was so cool to see the skills that these athletes have. Amazing! It was also extremely memorable to see our arena packed with celebrities who were all having a great time watching the festivities and cheering on all the athletes and performers.

Unfortunately, the day had to come to an end. We are enjoying every minute of the excitement in Houston. There is much more in store for you guys and you’ll get to hear all about the All-Star game tomorrow. Until then, see ya!


Saturday, February 18, 2006

Howdy, Rockets Fans!

Thanks so much for keeping up with our RPD blog accounts of this year’s NBA All-Star—we can’t thank you enough for your interest and enthusiasm!

Yesterday’s Rookie Challenge was an amazing event for all of us! The day began with several Power Dancers taking part in the Jam Session’s All Star Reading Rally. Closer to lunchtime, the RPDs gathered together at the Toyota Center’s Main Court to rehearse “Think,” a routine choreographed by our RPD Captain, Davique. Our ultimate goal when we perform? To pump up the crowd by delivering our signature RPD spirit and energy (just like our fantastic Rockets players work hard on the court!). After rehearsal, we parted ways to take a mid-day energy break and later, we arrived back at the Toyota Center to get ready for show time! Our very own Toni and Guy style crew were there to get us primped and performance-ready for our show during the first break of the Rookie Challenge. (Across the street at the George R. Brown Convention Center, the Celebrity Game also took place to entertain other fans!).

While waiting just off the court to make our grand entrance, I thought to myself how amazing it was that the majority of our RPD dance team would be on the court tonight to dazzle All-Star fans (during our regular Rockets season, we rotate as dancers so that most of the ladies perform, a few visit the suite patrons and a few are off for every game)! Even more exciting was that just as we were waiting for the time out to be called our Rockets’ Luther Head scored a basket and as we heard his name called over the heart-drumming acoustics of the speaker system, we all cheered loudly, “Go Luther,” and “Go Rockets!” I felt a HUGE sense of team pride as I peeked out at the court and saw that red Rockets jersey among the other rookie and sophomore jerseys!

The minute after we cheered for Luther, our RPD performance time-out was called! We rushed to the court in an enthusiastic frenzy and gave our performance our all. All the positive thinking, hard work, and love for basketball and dance paid off—we gave a great show! After our performance, another group of our RPD ladies headed to a performance at the Main Event downtown to wow the crowd with more dance magic. The rest of us stayed for the remainder of the Rookie Challenge.

All in all, yesterday was highly memorable! Everyone from RPDs to the arena’s staff and employees, and the visiting dance and performance teams worked hard to make the day amazing. It was especially memorable for me since this is my Rookie year as an RPD, so my first All-Star performance being at the Rookie Challenge was super-cool coincidence!

Today, I’m looking forward to an exciting, celebrity-lined All Star Saturday (which all RPDs are a part of) that will also commemorate our very own Houston Rockets and Comets; another fantastic RPD performance; making new friends and seeing familiar faces; and of course, making sure that Houston goes down in history as the best host city in the history of NBA All-Star!!!

Stay tuned for more news from my RPD sisters on this blogspot! And thanks a million to all you fans for being a part of the All-Star experience—you are why we’re here!


Friday, February 17, 2006

Hello, 6th Man!

As I am writing this, the 2006 All Star Game begins in 65 hours: 13 minutes: and 5 seconds! This is my 3rd year on the team as a Houston Rockets Power Dancer and my name is Kym. I’ve eagerly waited this moment and I can’t believe All Star is actually here. We sincerely appreciate you visiting www.rockets.com and look forward to your continued support with the Houston Rockets! I’m really excited about sharing with you our RPD experiences and our preparations for the big weekend.

When we first walked onto the main Toyota Center court yesterday, we got our first look at the NBA All Star set-up. Our hardwood maple court was shinier than ever, with the NBA All Star 2006 logo center court, a special stage set up in the southwest corner, cameras everywhere, a busy crew, lights flashing (450 strobe lights to be exact), stage props, and the stairs were even different - it was totally awesome! We had a full rehearsal, going over choreography for the Sunday half-time performances. We ran through formations and practiced our routine over and over again. Throughout the day, we met some of the other NBA entertainers who will be performing at the game with us this weekend – the New York City Kids, Orlando Magic Dunking Dancers, Detroit Drummers, Miami Heat Dancers, NBA Fan Patrol, several mascots, and more. We are excited to have them join RPD, Launch Crew, G-Force, Tundra, Team NRG, Haley, and Clutch for All Star Week!

After we rehearsed for Sunday’s exciting half-time, we had a full rehearsal for All Star Saturday, going over the show opener and our specific performance for that night. While on break, we had a little fun with Clutch, who decided to teach us to slam dunk. Clutch gave us a demonstration on how to actually dunk a basketball jumping off a mini-trampoline. And what do you know? Holly, Davique and Carrie M, each, slam-dunked an NBA basketball on our very own Houston Rockets 10 foot basketball goal and made it! Then back to the court for more rehearsal, and we practiced, practiced, practiced, putting the finishing touches on our first special high energy Rookie Game performance which will take place tonight, here at Toyota Center. It’s going to be awesome and you’ll hear all about it in Maria’s blog tomorrow.

In addition to our rehearsal time, several RPD left the building throughout the day for events in the Houston community and at Jam Session. We really enjoyed seeing how excited our hometown fans are about the Rockets and the All Star Game! I’ve got to tell you – we’re excited, too. LIVE IT. EVERY DAY. EVERY GAME!!!!!!


Thursday, February 16, 2006

A big hello to all you NBA fans out there!

My name is Ann and I am a rookie member of the Houston Rockets Power Dancers. I have always loved sports, especially Houston sports, and it's such a wonderful opportunity to be able to combine my love for sports with my other passion......dance!

My teammates and I knew this year was extra special because Houston is the host city for the 2006 NBA All Star Game! It's very exciting to be able to participate in all of the festivities and to cheer on our very own All Stars, Tracy McGrady and Yao Ming! From the time we auditioned and made the squad, up to this point, we have all been anxiously awaiting the arrival of All Star Week. Now, here we are, in the midst of all the excitement!!! I almost don't want to blink so that I don't miss a single moment of this week.

All Star Week began this past Saturday with Mayor Bill White renaming Avenida de las Americas to All Star Avenue! I was lucky enough to be at the ceremony for the unveiling of the new street name. Can you imagine being one of the first to stand on Houston's own All Star Avenue? It was definitely a memorable moment.

All season long, my teammates and I have been working hard to learn and perfect our routines for the regular season games, and this week, we stepped it up even more with perfecting the three routines we would be performing for All Star Week. Each piece of choreography and each formation is drilled until we have the outcome that we want--- a stellar performance!

Yesterday, my day began by going to my regular full time job at 6:30am so that I could leave early to be at the Toyota Center for rehearsals. As soon as I stepped into the car, I turned on my RPD cd with the music for our performances so that I could go over the routines in my head as I drove to the Toyota Center. I know, this might sound funny to some of you, but when you're an RPD with a busy schedule, you have to be a multi-tasker! So, if you ever see a girl "busting out the moves" and jamming to music in her car, you never know...... she just may be an RPD!

As soon as I got to the Toyota Center, it was off to wardrobe fittings and rehearsing our routines with the NBA. After the daytime activities, our night continued with the Rockets’ Premiere Night at the George R. Brown Convention Center, which was a special event hosted by the Rockets and the first event of the NBA Jam Session extravaganza. The event began with an All Star Fashion Show. We strutted our way down the red carpet to showcase All Star Apparel. It was so much fun! We also performed two routines for the Jam Session crowd. At the end of the night, we were exhausted from all the hustle and bustle but were all ready for what the next day will bring.

This week has really flown by so fast and now it's Thursday- one day closer to the big Sunday game! Today is another early start, beginning with rehearsals for Sunday's halftime show. Later on, we will be participating in more appearances around town specially geared toward the All Star Game!

Time to get my game face on and head off to practice and another fun-filled All Star day! Thanks for letting me share my exciting experiences with you on all the festivities so far. There's a lot more headed our way as we get closer to All Star Weekend so come back and join us on the Rockets website for more news on the daily happenings of All Star week! See you at the game!


Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Hi There Guys and Gals!

My name is Lexie and I would like to begin by saying thank you for visiting the Rockets site in your efforts to get the latest All Star news. I hope you’re getting excited about the upcoming events that our fabulous city will be hosting over the next few days because I sure am!

I’m pleased to share with you that last year was an incredible milestone in my life because it was my first year as a Rockets Power Dancer. I had such a great experience being part of the organization, I had to come back for a second helping! Shortly after joining the team for another great year, I truly realized that this particular season would be more thrilling than I could ever have imagined because it was Houston’s year to host the annual NBA All Star game! Not only did we have a talented new group of young women to represent the Rockets, we would also have the privilege of being part of the All Star games and events!

Appearances, a fashion show, and special performances by a variety of talented music artists! The news of these events, along with the opportunity to showcase some of our best routines for the weekend games was sweet music to mine and my teammate’s ears! We all knew that it would be a long and exhausting week but we were ready for the challenge. As you may already know, our hectic schedule began Monday and it hasn’t slowed down since. Last night was our second practice of the week and it was time to get down to business. First, we met as a group to talk about the plan for the night and the next few days. After our meeting, each Power Dancer met with an NBA staff member to get measured for costumes. You can’t be a part of All Star entertainment without having at least one new costume! Next on the agenda, we set our three routines on the court so we could take advantage of court spacing and perform each dance several times for polishing. I gotta say that it was a strenuous practice but we worked very efficiently with positive attitudes and got finished before 8:00. We are so accustomed to leaving practice at very late hours, it was a nice Valentine’s Day treat for us to leave early and spend the rest of the evening with loved ones.

I’m delighted to know that many of you local Houston fans are being supportive and will be joining us for the upcoming festivities. I can say with great assurance that whether we are performing at this week’s All Star appearances or at the main event on Sunday, the visiting fans will be welcomed with our hospitality, entertained by our dancing, and overwhelmed with our All Star energy! Take care for now and check back tomorrow for more All Star news from the Power Dancers!


Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Hello, Rockets Fans!

Well it’s finally here! All-Star week has officially begun. This is the week I have been anticipating most since I heard that Houston, Texas would be hosting this year’s 2006 NBA All-Star Game at Toyota Center! My name is Carrie (M.) and this is my first year to be a part of an amazing Rockets Power Dancer squad and the Rockets organization. The first half of the season has been amazing and I can’t wait to cheer on the Rockets for a great second half and run for the playoffs. But before the second half begins, we have an entire week of All Star festivities! Who would have ever thought during tryouts in July that I would be here, 7 months later, about to be involved in a world-wide event? Talk about thrill of a lifetime. It’s the biggest week in basketball and here I am, a rookie, representing the NBA and the Houston Rockets as a Power Dancer. I am getting nervous and very excited just thinking about it. I have been very nervous many times before stepping out onto the court to perform, but I have a feeling this will top them all!

Last night was our first practice of the week completely dedicated to the big games, and let me tell you, we have some great things planned for everyone to see! Rehearsal was long and tough - because we are a professional dance team, we strive for perfection in our routines - every arm, look and move must be synchronized and executed with the proper technique, and we keep working hard until we achieve our goals, as a team. Every routine that we have performed this season has been very energetic and upbeat and this week’s performances will be some of our best!

The remainder of the week is crammed with rehearsals, appearances, and of course, the games, and I can’t wait to experience every minute of it. So Rockets fans, basketball fans and Houston, we’ll see you out at Jam Session and in the community, and at the games. In the meantime, keep reading to find out about all the other exciting events that will take place this week. Get ready for the thrill of a lifetime! LIVE IT! EVERY DAY! EVERY GAME!

Carrie M.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Hello, Rockets Fans!

It’s been a busy and exciting year, but things have only just begun. Spirits are high and the excitement is building for the biggest event at Toyota Center this year! I wanted to share some of my thoughts with you about this week’s big event we have coming to Houston. Does anyone know what that event that might be? I have a feeling that you do, but before we get to that part, let me first introduce myself to everyone.

My name is Heather and I’m currently in my 2nd fantastic year with the Houston Rockets Power Dancers. I have been a Rockets fan for years and there is no other place I would rather be than in the Toyota Center cheering on our very own Houston Rockets to a victory. Every year has many new surprises for the power dancers and this one is definitely no exception. When we made the team in July, we realized there was something extra special in store for us this season.

Yes Rockets fans, this is the year that Houston was selected to host the 2006 NBA All Star Game! As you can imagine, we are very excited and can’t wait for the phenomenal week ahead while cheering on our very own NBA all stars Yao Ming and Tracy McGrady in our hometown of Houston Like most major events, this fun filled week doesn’t come without a lot of hard work first. When we received our schedules a few days ago we realized that the Toyota Center will be our new home for the near future. Many hours will be spent learning numerous routines and making appearances for the upcoming all star events. Most of our days will begin at 8am and last until midnight! This weekend we just finished back to back home games which both ended in victories for our Rockets. So needless to say, we have been working very hard already this season but definitely have lots of energy left for this special occasion. All of the effort is well worth it knowing we will be representing the Rockets and the city of Houston during the NBA all star week.

Today we will practice our routines and put the finishing touches on our special performances we know the fans will love. In a few days there will be other NBA entertainers that will be coming to Houston to participate in the festivities. It will be fun to welcome them to our city and share in this great experience together. In addition, we are looking forward to meeting all the fans attending Jam Session, Friday's Rookie Game, All Star Saturday, and of course, Sunday's Main Event!

It seems like we have been talking about this for so long and I can’t believe that the big game is now only 6 days away! It’s going to be a whirlwind of hard work and exciting moments! I feel so honored to be a part of this event for the city of Houston and I know it will be an amazing week filled with memories to last a lifetime. Stay tuned in the upcoming days and we will keep you up to date on the latest events and experiences through the eyes of the Rockets Power Dancers. Can’t wait to see you during the NBA all star week! Go Rockets!!