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One Man, One Bet, One Haircut
Rockets fan Chris Meza tells of a bet gone bad

Like most Rockets fans, Chris “Laygo” Meza was shaking his head in disbelief as the final seconds of the 2004-05 season wound down in Dallas last season. However, Chris was probably a bit more upset than most for another reason altogether. You see, Chris may have taken his love for the Rockets a step too far this past April.

Chris grew up in Houston, but now lives near Dallas. Chris’ peers at work are a diversified group of fans with loyalties from Houston, to San Antonio, to Dallas. Chris is the most passionate, though, and it was in a staff meeting following game four of the Rockets, Mavericks playoff series last season that Chris took his love for the Rockets to another level. He was so confident that his Rockets would emerge victorious that he offered a wager in which he would let any Mavericks fan cut his hair in the style of their choice if Dallas defeated Houston. If the Rockets won, Chris would be the barber.

“At the beginning of every month, our company has a company-wide meeting,” Chris explained to Rockets.com “It was during this meeting, while wearing my Rockets' jersey, I wagered to any fan, specifically my friend Jason, the haircut. No one else accepted, except Jason, but when it came time to honor the bet, all those people that did not accept acted as if they had. It was frustrating because they had decided to ride Jason's coattails.”

Like any honorable man, Chris kept his part of the bargain and the whole event was documented through pictures. Also part of bet was that Chris had to keep his locks as cut for at least a week, there would be no post haircut grooming to make the trim more suitable for a work environment.

“The specifics of the bet dictated that I had to keep the hair like that for one week,” Chris said. “Which I did, I wore a hat when I could, but wasn't allowed to at work. I ‘owned’ the haircut. After the week, I shaved it all off, except for a little thin mohawk which I dyed Rockets red.”

Chris is certainly a die-hard fan who fondly recounts the glory days of the mid 1990’s. To his dismay, he still hasn’t made it to Toyota Center for a Rockets game since moving to Dallas in 2000. He had tickets one Thanksgiving, but family commitments took precedence. What did those same family members, who Chris opted to spend time with instead of seeing his beloved Rockets play, say when they heard of Chris’ bet

“My dad, a notoriously fair weather fan (something I've not learned from him) said, ‘that's what you get for betting on a Houston franchise’,” Chris said. “I was a little disappointed, but took it in stride.”

Despite his bad luck last season, Chris said he could be open to challenging Jason again should the Rockets and Mavericks meet again in the playoffs though the pair might have to choose something other than a haircut.

“I might,” Chris said of making another proposition to Jason this playoff season. “But he's since shaved his head too and I now keep it short like it was after I shaved it after the week was up. I've not grown it back. We might have to think of something else. Part of the reason for the bet was I remember a bet between the mayor of New York and the mayor of Houston that they had to wear the opposite teams jersey. whoopty-do! Do something that lasts.”

Something that will last forever is Chris’ passion for the Rockets. He epitomizes Rockets fans that “Live it, Every day, Every game.”