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Wednesday September 9, 2009 4:17 PM

Note From The Owner

Rockets' owner excited for upcoming season

Leslie L. Alexander
Houston Rockets Owner

Houston - I am extremely anxious to see the Rockets play this season. For eight years I have wanted to move to a running style of play. If you play good defense and run consistently you are tough to beat as your edge in easy baskets is difficult for the opposition to overcome.

The basketball staff this year from the first day of training camp will put in place a top notch running game. It will be exciting to see the new players in the system, starting with Trevor Ariza. Daryl Morey and his staff believe Trevor has a good chance to take a significant step forward in his level of play and will thrive in a running style.

Chase Buddinger, Jermaine Taylor, and David Andersen all should fit in nicely and we will see who emerges as a valuable player. Everything we do is with an effort to bring another championship to the fans of Houston.