Leslie Alexander Blog Entry

Blog Entry From Rockets Owner Leslie Alexander

Rockets Owner shares his thoughts on the trade and the stretch run

Leslie Alexander

Houston Rockets Owner

Well, we have a new point guard addition in Kyle Lowry.  He plays hard.  He’s tough.  And, he likes to run.  These are three things I’ve always wanted in the point guard position.  Together with our new starter Aaron Brooks, they make the shortest point guard combo in the NBA, but these guys are going to run…and the other teams will have to run with them or get left behind.

Over the next 30-odd games, I believe the team has the opportunity to show Houston how great we can be.  Except for the loss of Tracy McGrady, we are a pretty healthy team.  Thankfully, we have a deep bench – so we can sustain a loss like McGrady and still have a great playoff run.

With the postseason around the corner, these are the things I’ll be watching:

  • Intensity on defense
  • Key shots at the end of games
  • Overall energy on game-by-game basis (especially when playing a lesser opponent).

I’m excited to see what the rest of the season brings, as the first half has been exciting.  Thank you for your deep interest and caring in the Rockets – both on and off the court.




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