Houston Rockets Hot Spots in Houston

Dikembe Mutombo’s Top-Five Restaurants in Houston

1. Vic and Anthony’s Steakhouse (1510 Texas Avenue)

Comment: “The quality of the service is excellent and the food is superb.”

2. Tony’s (3755 Richmond Avenue)

Comment: “The lay-out of the restaurant is very nice. This is like a true five-star establishment.”

3. Sambuca’s (909 Texas Avenue)

Comment: “I love Sambuca’s mostly because of the music. It’s a nice place to take your wife and eat while the band is playing jazz. You can’t beat that.”

4. Belvedere’s (1131 Uptown Park)

Comment: “If you have friends in town, it’s a nice place to go after the game to go have a drink.”

5. Cheesecake Factory (5015 Westheimer Road)

Comment: “You can’t beat the Cheesecake Factory. All you can eat, man. I don’t have to say anything more.”

Luther Head’s Top-Five Places in Houston

1. The Breakfast Klub (3711 Travis)

Comment: “Man, you can really get a great breakfast there and the atmosphere is super trendy. The chicken and waffles are out of sight.”

2. Pappadeaux (Various Locations)

Comment: “Good food and good place to kick back. My favorite item on the menu there is the catfish.”

3. The Toyota Center (1510 Polk)

Comment: “Whether it’s for practice or a game or just working out, it seems like I’m here every day of my life. This arena has truly become my second home.”

4: Belvedere (1131 Uptown Park Boulevard)

Comment: “Belvedere is a place that Deke (Dikembe Mutombo) always invites me to and we never fail to have a great time when we’re out there.”

5. Vic and Anthony’s (1510 Texas Avenue)

Comment: “When you want a first-class steak dinner, except no substitutes.”

David Wesley’s Top-5 Places in Houston

1. My own backyard (His neighborhood located in Pearland)

Comment: “I love to cook-out and plus I have a big trampoline in the back for my kids to play on.”

2. Bounce-U (10601 S. Sam Houston Parkway)

Comment: “This is one of my favorite places in Houston to take my family. It has a lot of fun, cool stuff that always wears my kids out.”

3. Wildcat Golf Course (12000 Almeda Road)

Comment: “I’ve play golf at several different courses around town but I always seem to have my best days over at Wildcat.”

4. Any area bowling alley

Comment: “Most people don’t know this, but I could probably be a professional bowler. Yesterday I bowled a 191, 212, 201 and 172 in four games. If anybody wants to put up some money to come challenge me to bowl, they can. I’m that good.”

5. Sambuca’s (909 Texas Avenue)

Comment: “Great food, great atmosphere. My favorite thing on the menu there is the calamari. It’s pretty darn good.”