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Hometown: St. Charles, Missouri


Hotel Sales/ Management

Alma Mater:
Western Kentucky University -- GO TOPS!!

Why I wanted to be a RPD:
I wanted to be a RPD so I could continue my career in cheer and dance. I’ve been cheering and dancing competitively since I was in seventh grade. After I graduated from college, I still had a passion for it. Being a Rockets Power Dancer gives me a chance to continue that. I absolutely love it!

Favorite Dance Routine:
Choosing just one dance routine as a favorite is difficult because we have performed a few that I really liked. Based on the feedback we received from the Rockets organization and fans, I would have to say "Woman," The Pussy Cat Dolls' "Don’t Cha" and Rihanna's "Broken Dishes" are good ones.

My hobbies include outdoor activities such as jogging, bicycling, skating, jet skiing and beach volleyball. I enjoy attending plays and musical theatre, spending time with family, shopping, wining and dining, hanging with my RPD teammates and watching movies.

Favorite movie:
I love too many movies to just choose one. But I'll break them down into categories: Action: 300, Transformers and Pirates of the Caribbean. Comedy: Anchorman and Just Friends. Romantic Comedy: Hitch, How to Lose a Guy in 10 days, The Sweetest Thing and Failure to Launch. Horror: Turistas and Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

Songs on my iPod:
I like all genres of music so my music selection ranges from Classical, Country, 80’s Rock, Rap, R&B, Pop, Old School R&B and Rap and smooth Jazz.

Favorite restaurant:
RA, Fogo De Chao, and Lupe Tortilla.

I'm happiest when:
I’m happiest when I’m performing or coaching cheerleading and dance.

Favorite Valentine's Day Gift:
An all-day scavenger hunt! My boyfriend at the time created poems, rhymes and letters that served as clues that led me to my next letter. Each letter that I came upon had a gift along with it. My final letter led me to a candle-light dinner that he had prepared. He had his fraternity brothers serve us like we were at a restaurant and the background music was a CD he put together that were considered "our" songs. It was the most thoughtful, sweetest thing a man has ever done for me.

Favorite childhood recital:
My elementary talent show. My teacher taught me and a group of girls a dance to “Groove is in the Heart.” All I remember was wearing neon bright colors with glitter everywhere. My shirt was tied to the side and my hair was in side pony tail. It was my first performance in front of an audience and I loved the attention.

Greatest Athletic Achievement:
My greatest athletic achievement was when I was chosen to be “Cheerleader of the Month” by American Cheerleader Magazine for the month of August 2000. They featured me on the cover of the magazine and did a two-page biography about my all-star cheer team and me.

Pregame Ritual:
The night before a game I make sure all of my uniforms are cleaned and hung on hangers. I gather all of my hair and make-up products and then I pack my bag. The one thing I must have on game day in the dressing room is an energy drink or a Mountain Dew and gum. Then it's game time!!!

My favorite part of the game:
Greeting the fans before tip-off. It’s a rewarding feeling to meet Rockets fans who appreciate and like what we dancers do. They are so excited to meet and take pictures with us, which puts a smile on my face.

My goal in life:
To find success and happiness in all that I do and to one day raise a happy, healthy family like my parents did for my brother and I.