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Meet the Rockets' high flying entertainer


Since the spring of 1993, TURBO has been swinging from the rafters, tumbling down the court, exploding through the air, and generally creating excitement in all variety of ways for the best fans in the NBA at Compaq Center.

TURBO is the Houston Rockets' in-house superhero that performs at home games, schools, community and corporate events and appears all over the city inspiring young people to discover their purpose and fulfill their dreams. Not just popular in Houston, TURBO responds to requests to take his show on the road and has performed in such places as Japan, Greece, Thailand, France, Mexico and all over the United States. You can catch TURBO charging up fans at colleges and other pro and semi-pro games.

An energetic acrobat, TURBO is the creator of the "Cartwheel Slam," a powerful dunk that follows a round-off (a gymnastics stunt similar to a cartwheel) without the use of a trampoline. TURBO also raised the standard of acro-dunking with his signature "Eagle" and "Clutch" dunks (front flip dunks where the ball is taken through the legs ... once on the Clutch and twice on the Eagle). Never one to settle for the tried and true, TURBO is sure to surprise by showing something never before seen like the Millenium ladder dunk (back flip dunk off a ladder raised high above the shot clock).

Whether it's reading to kids at schools, pumping up students at TAAS test rallies, hyping up corporate sales forces or flying through the air dunking, TURBO charges things up. Come catch the action at Rockets home games or submit a request to have TURBO come to your event and "TAKE IT TO ANOTHER LEVEL!"