Clutch Photos

Green Clutch helps the environment by planting a
tree with Shane Battier and Aaron Brooks

Hangin with the referees


Clutch and Dikembe Mutombo partner up to help Feed the Children Charities


Clutch goes 70's style!

Don't forget the 80's!


Red and Rowdy Clutch breaking concrete
bricks during a playoff game

Rocketman shows a few dunking moves of his own


Red and Rowdy Clutch

Everybody loves teddy bears!


Clutch and some of his Ultimate Fighting Championship" buddies after a little tussle


Before beating up airhead clutch!

After beating up airhead clutch!


Clutch and Nelly!

Clutch dunking at his 12th birthday
on Sunday, March 12th.


Clutch consoles Yao Ming by kissing his hurt
knee at 2007 Tux & Tennies

Clutch says, "MAKE SOME NOISE!"


Clutch and Power Dancers at Thanksgiving Parade

Mascot Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony


Halloween 2006

Clutch and his buddies hang out
before game time.


Believin' Clutch

Loud Clutch


Glidin' Clutch

Ridin' Clutch


Turbo's fan

Champs Mascots



Clutch's biggest fans


Groovin' Clutch


A Clutch Kid

Clutch at the Mascots Hall of Fame


Clutch's devoted fan