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Matt Bullard, Rockets TV Analyst, begins his third full season as a member of the Rockets television broadcast team. The former Rockets forward handles the analyst duties for the team's away games. He previously served as a substitute color analyst for the Rockets local television broadcasts.

December 6 , 2007
Back on the Road

On the road again. I'm sitting on the team plane flying to New Jersey. Cold, snowy New Jersey. Then we fly to Toronto. Colder, snowier Toronto. Then finish the trip to cold, snowy Philly.

Last night, the Rockets played their best game of the season against the Memphis Grizzlies. Want to know how the players are celebrating this sweet victory? Yao is watching game film.
T-Mac is sound asleep. Shane is listening to music. Deke is sound asleep. Luis is watching a movie. Steve is sound asleep, with an eye mask on to keep out the light.

This season has been draining, and it's only early in December. The Rockets have played the toughest schedule in the league with games against the top teams in the Western Conference. Eight games at home and 11 on the road. We play 7 of the next 10 on the road. W'íve been in all 4 time zones in the last week. I guess that's the glamorous NBA life. It's the best job in the world! Wouldn't trade it for anything!

Now that the Rockets have put the pieces together and had some success, look for the winning trend to continue. The schedule will get easier, there will be more practice days (which the Rockets desperately need), and the confidence will continue to grow.
Rick Adelman has said that this team is a work in progress. This season is a journey and Iím really enjoying the ride!

November 6 , 2007

Keep the Faith

We just saw the Rockets lose to Dallas in Dallas. I thought the Rockets played even with the Mavs for 42 minutes, but, the last 5:50, the Mavs made all the right plays, and the Rockets didnít. Give the Mavs a lot of credit for doing what it takes to win in a tough game.

I think the Rockets learned a lot from that game. First, they learned that they can play with a team as good as the Mavs, on the road. Second, they learned that a huge performance off the bench can win a game (Jason Terry had 31 off the bench for the Mavs). Third, they learned that it takes extreme concentration down the stretch to win on the road in a close game. Fourth, they learned that they still have a lot of work ahead of them.

The Rockets will be a work in progress this season. What we are seeing on the court now, most likely wonít be what we are seeing in March and April. Or even January. I am so excited about watching this team evolve over this season. So many new and exciting things are being done on the court. It will definitely take time for the players to learn, get comfortable, and play on instinct in the new offense. Thatís when big games will be won down the stretch. When everything is done on instinct and players can concentrate on each possession.

As Rockets fans, letís embrace the journey to excellence, and not get down on the team when they stumble. With the right mindset, those stumbles can be great learning experiences!

October 25, 2007
It's Time

It's time! You bet it's time. Time for another NBA season. If you havenít seen the Rockets play in the preseason yet, you are in for a treat! The new team with the new coach are going to be fun to watch. A new offense that is uptempo and high scoring, a defense that keeps a lot of the great things the Rockets did in the last few season along with some changes that keep Yao around the basket, and some exciting new players to play along side TMac and Yao. Should be a great year to be a Rocket Fan!

I'm excited to be a part of the Rockets broadcasting team again this year doing color analysis on the road games and studio analysis for the home games. Bill Worrell is doing the play by play again this season. He is the best in the business. Rockets fans everywhere love Bill. Clyde Drexler will be doing the color commentary at the home games. Clyde brings his Hall of Fame perspective to the broadcasts. And new for this year, Coach Don Chaney will be doing studio analysis for the road games. Rockets fans and fans of Houston basketball remember Don from his playing days at UH, to his NBA playing career with the Boston Celtics, to his coaching career with many NBA teams including the Rockets. Coach Chaney was my first NBA coach with the Rockets in 1990 and he will bring some great insight to the broadcasts.

It's going to be a great year. Try to get to the Toyota Center to see as many games as you can, and if you canít get to the games, watch us on FSN!