A "partnership" as defined by the World English Dictionary is "a contractual relationship between two or more persons carrying on a joint business venture." However, the mere definition of "partnership" fails capture the full extent of how a "partnership" between the Rockets and your brand enables you build a robust marketing platform with limitless potential.

Each partnership with the Rockets is a 360 degree, fully-integrated, fully-customized marketing platform tailored to meet your unique and specific strategic marketing and business development objectives. Just as no two businesses are exactly alike, no two sponsorships mirror each-other. We don't believe in offering packages 'a', 'b' or 'c.'

We focus on delivering exceptional value and keen insights into how our partnership is working for you and your brand. Using in-house and general market data, we are able to build specific elements that enable you meet your marketing objectives across the socio-demographic spectrum.

It all starts with being good listeners. We begin our relationship by listening to you explain your business, how it works and your vision for how it will continue to grow and expand. Using this knowledge as our basis for action, we align your business goals and objectives with the appropriate elements of our marketing platform to craft a marketing platform that is unique to your brand.

The process of finding the right match, of building the sense of trust and mutual respect vital that is the foundation of any successful partnership can take time but the rewards are invaluable. Because, as you'll find, we don't have 'partners' but members of the Rockets family.

We look forward to talking to you about joining our family. For more information email Jason Kohll at jasonk@rocketball.com.