Houston Rockets: Launch Pad

Rockets Entertainers

The Rockets in-game experience features an array of dynamic groups that deliver world-class performances every time they step on the court. Each with it's own identity and unique appeal, the various components of the Rockets Entertainers are all award-winning performers.
You can align your brand with in-arena activation will any of these targeted marketing platforms and have them energize your team meetings, in-market traffic drivers and more.

The Rockets Power Dancers are one of the NBA's most recognized dance teams, brining sexy back to Toyota Center with their dazzling choreography and amazing bodies.

Clutch the Rocket Bear has brought laughter to millions of Houstonians as his wildly entertaining skits during games are always a hit with fans of all ages.
The Lil'Dippers are a troop of young dancers and performers whose performances bring a smile to every face in Toyota Center as they dance to the latest hits.

The Space City Seniors might be AARP members but boy can they dance. With their energy and enthusiasm the Space City Seniors are a hit every time they hit the court to perform during a Rockets game.

Launch Crew is a youthful mix of hip-hop inspired dance and gymnastics that will blow you away with their athleticism and choreography.

We look forward to talking to you about joining our family. For more information email John Croley at johnc@rocketball.com.