Yao Got A Nickname?

"Stevie Franchise"
"The Cat"
Ever heard of these guys?

“Dr. J”. "Smokin' Joe" Frazier. Earl “The Pearl” Monroe. “Pistol” Pete Maravich.

The world of sports has always been clearly defined by unique and distinctive monikers. Sometimes a nickname becomes such a part of a player’s identity it seems as if it’s his given name. Anyone know “Yogi” Berra’s real first name? Who refers to one of the greatest home run hitters of all time as George Ruth?

Part of fitting in with a new team and a new group of teammates is having a nickname. We’d like to help the newest member of the Houston Rockets, Yao Ming, fit right in with “Stevie Franchise,” “The Cat” and “Moochie,” and what better way than with a catchy new moniker? This is where we need your help.

Have any ideas for nicknames we can use for our new 7-5 center? Send us your suggestions now!