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March 27, 2012

Date Night

Howdy Rockets Fans, this RPD loves both a night out with my girls and staying at home pampering myself, but I especially LOVE getting ready for a hot date. So I am giving y'all my step-by-step ritual for fun date night, from "what to wear" to "hair care," you will learn my little secrets to getting ready for a great night.

First things first, I create a rump shakin' playlist for the evening. I
start out with a little Enya to set a tranquil mood, then I rock out with a
lot of upbeat music like LMFAO and Britney Spears. Finally, I play some
slow jams like Sade and Adele, 'cause nothing is better than jammin' in
the mirror when you are getting ready!

If I have time, I take a power nap and/or a bath... Baths/naps are so relaxing to enjoy with my jams. Sometimes I pour a glass of warm milk, then use my favorite body wash, Olay Body Ribbons, and relaxin the tranquil and soothing atmosphere. Afterward, I lotion down with Olay Body Butter Ribbons, because it has a slight fragrance and is not over powering. It is important to consider that how you smell will affect your boyfriend's/date's senses and memories of this date with him so hold the onions, please.

My favorite part of getting ready is picking a snazzy outfit. Since my life isn't like the movie "Clueless" with a rotating closet to pick out my clothes, I take same time to make sure my outfit is just right - no one can look fly with little or no effort. I usually don't do an over the top look on a date, but I am a super girlie girl, so I will mostly likely end up in an adorable frilly dress. Really, it is the "what NOT to wear" that can prove the most problematic; you want to look beautiful, but also, look as if it took little to no effort to achievethis perfect, well sculpted look!
Here's a trick: men usually don't care what we're wearing; you are most striking when you feel HOT, so dress like yourself so you aren't feeling self-conscious.

Below I have a few outfits to show. Thank goodness for camera phones:

1. I call this "I am sexy and I know it." This might scare someone off,
but he will say either "She has a crazy sense of humor" or " She is crazy"

Crazy Hat!

2. Well, hey, you never know when this will come in handy. Always ready to
support my ROCKETS!!


3. This is me in my favorite girlie girl dress that I feel most comfortable and beautiful in


Hair and make-up time... The amount of make-up you want to put on depends on the type of date. I am a simple girl, so hand me some black eye-liner, mascara, blush and lip balm and I am out the door. Seriously, I can go from utter shambles to absolute fabulousness in a quick 15 minutes with just those few products. Now I begin to work on my hair. Since I don't use a chemical relaxer on my hair, I find that Pantene's Split End Repair Keratin Protection is great at getting that silky straight look without breaking my hair. Since I like to go for the big Miss Texas hair look, I use Pantene Professional Level Style Shaping Hairspray to give my hair some lift and hold. I do quick loose curls around my head then clamp with a side ponytail and finish with Anti-Humidity Hairspray. And Presto-Yaz-O!! Bam!

Just like a game night. I say to myself, Self, no need to be nervous,
because you are totally prepared and you took the measures needed to get
ready for this moment, so relax and enjoy. And now that I' m ready, it is
time to put on my 4 inch strappy heels and step out for the evening (in an
attempt to not trip over my own two feet) and be the most beautiful, fun loving, Yazzie Fresh, I can be...

- Yasmine