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March 5, 2012

Girls Night Out

Hey Rockets fans! Who loves girls' night out? Every girl needs a girls' night every now and then so you can look hot and strut your stuff. Here are a few products that help me look great while I'm out on the town with my girls.

Make-up: I have come to the conclusion that your lashes make the biggest impact. If I am not wearing fake lashes for the game, I am applying Cover Girl's Lashblast 24HR. It really helps my lashes look bolder and longer all day long so I don't miss a beat. My second most important makeup tip is lipstick. It is a common fashion faux pas to forget this step but I believe it makes you look finished, even if you don't have time for all the fine details. I like to use Cover Girl Blast Flipstick. It creates the perfect color combo I'm looking for without the overly glossy look. If it's too glossy you hair is going to get stuck in it when you are out on the dance floor.

Hair: If your hair is fine and always flat like mine, you have to start as soon as you get out of the shower with some Pantene Spray Gel Root Lifter. Spraying this in your roots on top will help add some texture and volume you will need to help your hair keep up with you all night. My hair does not hold curl at all! I have never colored it so I think it’s a little too healthy and soft. The only way to solve this is by lifting it up with some teasing. I’m finally starting to master the art of teasing so my hair doesn’t look so flat all the time regardless of the weather. I use a teasing brush and Pantene Pro-V’s Anti-humidity Hairspray (level 4 maximum hold) because my hair falls fast! Just spray and tease with the brush in your top layers to get volume. Then all you need is to straighten the ends a bit to smooth out all the kinks and add the finishing touches.

Clothes: Everyone has their favorite things. Mine is clothes!! I love shopping for the cutest going-out dresses. Typically I find my favorite going out dresses at Bebe. Of course black is the most universal color and always works no matter where you go or what you do. I like to stand out a little bit and get a little crazy every now and then with some bright colors and sparkle. :-)

Shoes: If you are a “shoe fanatic,” I’m sure you have this one covered. For those of you that are not, I can always find the perfect variety of shoes for weather and occasion by Vince Camuto. I am always in heels and I know how annoying it can be if you are wearing shoes that are hurting you all night. I have found the cutest strappy heels and booties from him. And they’re comfy!

That does it for some of my quick tips for your classic girls' night out. You are now ready to hit the town with your closest friends. Have a ball and always look amazing doing it! Go Rockets!!


- Ashley