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January 17, 2012

Hair Repair

My two favorite hair repair products are Pantene Pro V Detangling Mist and Pantene Pro V Split End Repair. Hairstyling to prepare for a performance at a Rockets game can be rough on my hair. Hot rollers, teasing, and hairspray can sometimes leave my hair feeling dry and damaged. After I shampoo and condition, I like to spray the Pantene Pro V Detangling Mist all over my wet hair. It really helps detangle all those tiny knots when I comb it. I love that it's a really light mist so I can just leave it in, and it doesn't weigh my fine hair down or make it look greasy.

Since hairspray can be so drying, I also like to use Pantene Pro V Spilt End Repair before I start stying. It is a keratin creme that binds splits ends and helps protect against breakage. I have long hair so I use 2 pumps and work it in to my hair starting at the ends, making sure to also get the ends of my shorter layers. I have noticed that my hair feels a lot healthier and softer since I have been using it. If you have those little fly-aways like I do, you can also use a little bit on dry hair to smooth out those ends. I love how simple it is to apply these products and make my hair feel smooth and healthy!