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January 17, 2012

Get Game Day Ready

Hey Red Nation!

Getting ready for game day takes a lot of preparation...countless practices, training, hitting the gym. But the most fun is beautifying in the locker room! Here is an inside look into how we Power Dancers get game day ready!

First and foremost is the hair. After all, it's a major accessory in every dance we perform! I like to use dry shampoo before I start styling, it's in powder form and is perfect to refresh your hair on the go! It's also lavender scented, which is a plus. I always use a flat iron to straighten my hair, and beforehand I use Pantene's Heat Protection & Shine spray to prevent damage & split ends. Since my hair is short, I have to do something to bump it up, and that's where teasing comes in. I use the kind of teasing comb with three rows of bristles, you can find them at any beauty supply store. To put the finishing touches on my hair, I use Pantene's Lasting Volume hairspray, so the volume I put in survives all of the hair flips!

When I do my makeup, I start with an oil-free lotion as a base. For games I use foundation that is a shade or two darker than my natural skin tone, since I get extra tan on game days! For dark eyes, I use black waterproof eyeliner along the bottom of my waterline. For a dark, smoky eye, I use a darker shade of plumb along the outside of my eyelids, and blend with a darker bronze. I also use a light shimmer to highlight my brow line. Most of us use false eyelashes, which can be applied with an adhesive and are easy to put on and remove. I recently got eyelash extensions, and will just put mascara on my lashes for performances. For lips, I use a natural lip stain, it gives some color and isn't sticky like lip gloss. Our hair tends to stick to gloss when we dance!

Besides taking a trip to Malibu Tan, I use a few products for an extra tan glow before hitting the court. My favorite is Sally Hansen's Deep Glow leg makeup. Most of us actually use this on our stomachs and arms, it stays put well throughout the game! I also like to use a bronzing lotion over it for a shimmery look.

That's just a sneak peek of what goes into getting ready for a big game! Hope to see you at all of the games this season, Go Rockets!