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Hometown: Littleton, Colo.

Age: 24

Occupation: Student

Alma Mater: Boise State University. Go Broncos!

Why I wanted to be a RPD: I wanted to take my dancing to the professional level after college and represent the Houston community.

Favorite Dance Routine: I like "Woman” because it has a sexy style. I also like "Bleed It Out" which is a very technical dance.

Hobbies: Dancing of course! I like going to the movies, learning, eating brunch with friends, working out, playing Twister and reading.

Favorite movie: "Brother's Keeper"

Songs on my iPod: I like Paramore, Fall out Boy, Damien Rice, Stoney Larue, Cross Canadian Ragweed, Panic! at the Disco, Pink, Kelley Clarkson, AFI, Taking Back Sunday, 30 Seconds to Mars, Rascal Flats, Bowling For Soup, and John Mayer.

Favorite restaurant: "Bardney" in Boise, Idaho has the best brunch ever.

I'm happiest when: I am at practice or dancing at a game. This was my dream and I went for it.

Favorite Thanksgiving memory: In college, we were never able to go home for Thanksgiving because a football game was scheduled that weekend. The O-Line at Boise State would always get together and have all their friends and family for a huge cook out. I felt very special to be included and the food was an amazing feast.

Favorite childhood recital: I was the Snow Queen in "The Nutcracker" when I was 18. It was a role that I wanted to perform since I was a little girl. The costume was white and hand-beaded. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen, and it was made for me!

Greatest Athletic Achievement: I was unanimously elected captain of my college dance team by my teammates. It was very special to me to be chosen by these talented women and to represent them for the year.

Pregame Ritual: I pack my bag the night before. Go to the gym, grab a coffee and a powerbar, and then I arrive early and ready to go!

My favorite part of the game: Performing.

My favorite Rockets memory: Opening my letter at auditions and reading that I had made the team.

My goal in life: To find personal satisfaction in my work and love what I do. I think success should be more synonymous with happiness than affluence. It is only when I find satisfaction with what I am doing and don't dread every new day that I feel really successful.