Rockets Power Dancer of the Week.
Week 1: Stephanie

The Houston Rockets Power Dancers bring energy and excitement to each and every home game at Toyota Center. In the coming weeks, will give you, the greatest basketball fans in the world, a closer look at each RPD dancer.

Long hours and little pay are just two of the sacrifices that each Power Dancer faces. Most people forget that dancing is a physical activity and can cause injury. RPD rookie Stephanie found out how physically grueling life in the NBA can be in November.

Practicing in November, Stephanie went down with an injury that has sidelined her for most of the season to this point.

“I hurt my knee the Monday before Thanksgiving,” Stephanie said. “I was at Toyota Center practicing for a game and basically went to the floor and couldn't really get up.”

Since then Stephanie has been working hard to return to the RPD lineup and plans on returning in a couple of weeks.

“My doctor is having me do my own rehab; he knows I dance and am capable of doing my own exercises at home,” Stephanie said. “I’m familiar with my own muscles and know what it takes to get back to dancing again.”

When she does return, she will leap back into the routine of of being a Rockets Power Dancer. Even in the short time before her injury, Stephanie realized what kind of commitment it takes to take the floor at Toyota Center prepared for every game.

“I knew RPD would require hard work and dedication,” Stephanie said. “But the craziness before games and how quickly we have to learn our dances took a little getting used to, but I already have many memories and have made some wonderful friends, and I am loving every minute of it.”

Like many of the Rockets players, Stephanie wants to make sure she returns at full strength. In the meantime she is probably using some of her down time to read up on one of her favorite subjects, history.

“I am a history major,” Stephanie said. “History has always fascinated me and has been something I enjoy.”

Stephanie is also an accomplished writer. She enjoys writing poetry and has already been published three times. Hopefully, by the end of this season Stephanie will be able to write a poem about an amazing turnaround by the Rockets.

For now she will continue to work hard getting her knee ready for the Toyota Center hardwood. Look for Stephanie to return to the Power Dancer lineup in the coming weeks.