RPD Summer Blog - Wake Boarding with Kayla

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Hey Guys!

Oh, how I miss Rockets and everything that goes along with it so very much. Trying to find a hobby for the summer to fill all the new time I have on my hands has been a battle. But finally, I found the best hobby that even helps to get the best tan...

I found that going wake boarding for about ten minutes gives my whole body a workout. I get a great ab workout because without abs you can't get up out of the water. But also my arms kill and are definitely more toned. Not to mention, I feel like I am constantly doing squats while wake boarding. So if you are looking to pick up a new hobby this summer before tryouts to help you get toned, definitely pick up wake boarding. Did I mention you can get an awesome tan, too?


As you all know I am from Minnesota. Any chance I get I love going to the beach! I have been switching back and forth between going to Galveston and Surfside Beach. I am not very skilled with surfing. But, I put my game face on and gave it a whirl. After multiple tries and epic fails, I decided I would try another board, a less extreme board, the bodyboard! It was a wonderful feeling riding the waves. I have fallen in love with Texas and exciting water sports. And I have to say I love how the water, even in the ocean, is such a warm temperature; it makes being in the water enjoyable.

Last years tryouts (as a newbie) are still very fresh in my memory. Looking back, there are a few things that I would have done differently, even with my hair and make-up. Most importantly, I would have attended each and every prep class because learning RPD choreography really does help.

Well, I am off to Minnesota to visit my family for a few weeks. I'm taking some sand from Galveston, my new tan, my newly acquired "y'all", and my workout plan from our personal trainer. Wish me luck with the dramatic climate change.

Love Always - Kayla

RPD Summer Blog - Hello From Yvette

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Hello There Rockets Fans!

It's been over a month since the season has ended! I've missed the girls, dancing, practices, games, and of course, our crazy fans! To keep myself busy I have been running Memorial Park, taking dance classes, group training with our personal trainer Cari, and laying out by the pool. Of course, I still have been working full-time as usual and on the weekends I head out to Lake Conroe to ride jet skis and play on lake. Luckily the weather hasn't gotten too bad yet; I can actually enjoy myself without frying!

I'm also keeping up with the Playoffs...I have to say, the series this year have been quite exciting to watch. I'm curious to see who will take home the championship! Other than enjoying the sun and watching the playoffs, I've been planning a few summer trips. I'm heading out to New Orleans this weekend, a vacation planned to San Francisco in June, then Destin, Florida in July! I can't wait to come back and see you guys next season... until then here are a few summer ideas to keep entertained!

Here are my top 10 favorite summer activities...

1. Hit the pool
2. Watch a movie or go to Redbox
3. Try a new restaurant, there are plenty in Houston!
4. Go visit nearby town like Austin, San Antonio or New Orleans
5. Ride a bike or take a jog around a park
6. Go to the golf range
7. Spend time with some friends and family
8. A long walk on the beach... say Galveston? :)
9. Take a weekend off to travel
10. Stay a loyal Rockets fan and keep up with what's new!

- Yvette

RPD Summer Blog - Goodbye From Julie

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Hey Rockets Fans!

It feels like an eternity since the last time I was dancing on the court! I already miss the energy and excitement of game night at Toyota Center. I also miss seeing my RPD family at practice on a nightly basis. However, after much thought and prayer, I have made the difficult decision that after five wonderful seasons it is my time to "hang up the boots" and retire as a Rockets Power Dancer.

I am beyond grateful to the Rockets organization for giving me five years full of "once in a lifetime" opportunities. It is such a blessing to have been part of this elite dance team and to share so many wonderful memories with this talented group of women. Many of whom have become my best friends. Last year they preformed a sideline that I choreographed at my wedding reception! How many people can say that?!?

I am so blessed for the friendships built, places traveled, experiences had, life lessons learned, and will cherish every memory made. I encourage anyone who is considering auditioning for RPD to go for it!! Be yourself, be confident, and your true beauty and talent will shine through.

Although this chapter in my life is coming to a close I look forward to what my future holds. Thank you Red Nation for your endless encouragement, love, and support.

Love & Cheers!
- Julie

RPD Summer Blog - A Few Thoughts from Lauren

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Hey there Red Nation!

Although the 2011 season is over, RPD still have appearances in and around Houston! As a matter of fact I have one tonight that I'm looking forward to, a happy hour with some of our season ticket holders! It's great to get the chance to meet & mingle with some of the most devoted Rockets fans out there.

With auditions just around the corner, I've been really focused on staying in shape! I'm lucky enough to have a trail right behind my house, so I've taken advantage of jogging & mountain biking lately. I also do some yoga on my own almost every night. We're also lucky enough to continue working with Cari, our personal trainer, all summer! I must say the hardest part is eating right, but eating smaller portions & staying active will do the trick.

In addition to staying in shape, I'm planning on taking a variety of dance classes his summer. I'm going stir crazy not dancing! Taking classes is also a great way to prepare for auditions, so you can get used to learning new material & improve memory. Also looking forward to having 5 prep classes prior to our July 9th auditions! Even though I miss the busy practice & game schedule, it's nice to have a bit more time to go back home to Austin and take advantage of the warm weather & the lake! Hope everyone is having a great start to summer!

Cheers, Lauren

P.S. Looking for some good, fun places to go out to eat with your friends, or for a fun date night? Here are 10 of my favorite restaurants in Houston!

1. Vincent's & Ninos
2. Barnaby's
3. Tony's Mexican Restaurant
4. Ra Sushi
5. Backstreet Cafe
6. Max's Wine Dive
7. Soma Sushi
8. Lupe Tortilla
9. Tony Mandola's
10. Mardi Gras Grill (for crawfish season!)


RPD Summer Blog - A Few Thoughts from Amanda

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Even though it's only been a few weeks since our season ended, I am already missing all of my teammates! We have kept busy with appearances, though, and it felt great to perform for fans at iFest (the Houston International Festival) this past weekend. We had such a fun time dancing, signing posters, and taking pictures while trying to maintain good hair in that crazy wind!

A priority of RPD is maintaining fitness during our short off-season. A few of us are really enjoying some challenging classes at our gym. "Cardio Blast" and "Butts and Bellies" are two of my favorites! Our personal trainer, Cari, is preparing some new and exciting workouts for us as well. Can't wait for step class and our outside run with her!

Speaking of all this fitness, ballet is a great workout! It's been a while since I've taken class, so a few of us are checking into some local ballet classes. After all, there is safety in numbers! We're ready to lift, tone, and polish our technique... We'll keep you posted!

Love, Amanda

P.S. Planning a fun night with the girls? Or guys, looking for ways to impress your gals this summer? Here's my list of top 10 chick flicks. Enjoy!

1) Dirty Dancing
2) P.S. I Love You
3) Eat Pray Love
4) How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
5) The Holiday
6) Mean Girls
7) Sweet Home Alabama
8) Now & Then
9) The Notebook
10) Someone Like You



Rockets Power Auditions for the 2011-2012 season have been set! Got what it takes to join the best dance team in the NBA? Then mark your calendars for Saturday, July 9, 2011. Registration forms and more info will be posted soon.

Sign up now for prep classes! The best way to get that extra edge for RPD auditions is to attend one or all of our annual pre-audition workshops. Prep classes are not mandatory to audition, but definitely give participants a sneak peek at style, choreography, teaching speed, and more. All five master classes will feature choreography taught by RPD coaches and captains.

What's new and different this year? The first prep class (June 12) will focus primarily on Round 1, with more attention given to individual dancers. A short sideline routine will be taught to the entire group with the remaining time spent in small groups. In your small group you can expect a customized technique session and tips on freestyle, fitness and perfecting the RPD style of dance. You'll leave with info on what you specifically need to work on in the month leading up to auditions!

For the remaining four classes (June 28-July 7), all classes will feature a warm-up, across-the-floor technique session, Q&A session, and full hip-hop or jazz routine as performed this year on the Toyota Center court. Each class will offer different routines and Q&A topics to help you feel extra prepared for the big day.

Like last year, we're selecting one dancer from each class to advance straight to Round 2 on July 9! Class size is limited, so register now to reserve your spot.

All classes will take place at the Memorial Hermann Wellness Center, located at 7731 Southwest Freeway (59S and Beechnut). Please arrive early for check-in/registration. Dates are Sunday, June 12, Tuesday, June 28, Thursday, June 30, Tuesday, July 5, and Thursday, July 7. Once you register by faxing in or mailing your form, we'll check in with you to see if you have any specific questions. And don't forget to check back with us here for special features and more!


Questions? Email rpd@rocketball.com or send us a message on Facebook or Twitter.com/officialRPD



October 15, 2010, 7:45 PM - A Quick Hello Your Rockets Power Dancers In China

Hey, Rockets fans... It's your world traveling Rockets Power Dancers signing in from across the globe! We're in China for the 2010 NBA China Games and are having an amazing time performing and meeting tons of Rockets fans halfway around the world (fun fact: did you know that China is 13 hours ahead of Houston?) . Check out some photos from our first few days... Here we are arriving at our Beijing hotel (please note the cameo by Rockets.Com's own Jason Friedman), at the Forbidden City, and atop the Great Wall! We've just arrived in Guangzhou and are looking forward to tomorrow's game vs. the Nets! The fans were out of this world at the first game and we can't wait to meet more Rockets fans in Guangzhou. More photos to come!

See you soon! An, Brittany, Christie, Christina, Ebony, Geneva, Ginger and Natalie