Full Name: Houston's Own CLUTCH "The Rockets Bear"

Position: Professional Idiot/Team Mascot

Height: 6' 8"

Weight: 2 MUCH

Waist: 92"

Shoe Size: 22BB

Education: School of Hard Knocks

Age: 14

Guffaws Averaged Per Game: 30.2

Hugs Averaged Per Game: 193.76

Cans of Silly String Used Per Game: 19.5

Autographs Signed Per Game: 312.8

Appearances Averaged Per Year: 261

Likes: Rockets Basketball, Sleeping/Hibernating, Playing, Humor, Hugs, Practical Jokes, Laughing, Excitement, Education

Dislikes: The Opposite of my likes...HA HA i.e. The time-out corner, People who take themself too serious and can't laugh at themselves, stodginess, stick in the muds, being bored

Favorite Foods: Honey and OPP (Other People's Popcorn)

Favorite Colors: Red and Silver

Favorite Movies: Year of the Yao and Forrest Gump

Favorite TV Shows: Winnie the Pooh and Saturday Night Live

Favorite Songs: Clutch the Bear then Wish You Were Here

Favorite Books:
Clutch's Day at the Doctor, Clutch's Hospital Adventure, Clutch Shapes Up, Clutch's When I Grow Up, Clutch's World Tour, and Purple Cow

Favorite Messages: "Education is #1! and "Rockets Win Again!"

Mentors: Houston Rockets' Turbo and Original Philadlphia Phillies' Philly Phanatic

Best Friends: Rocketman/Rockets Ranger, Mini-Clutch, Utah Jazz Bear, OKC Thunder, Indiana Pacers Bonner, and Sweet Susie

Arch Enemies: Spurs Coyote, Mavericks Champ, and anyone else who dare stand in the Rockets path to victory

Favorite Skits: Devil/Angel Clutches, Clutch's Dance Mess, Dare Clutch Video Series, Cake Skit, Air Scare Video Series

Awards: Some Many, They Needed Their Own Page (See Awards, Honors, and Accalaids)

Houston's Own CLUTCH "The Rockets Bear"

Schedule Clutch at your next special event by calling
(713) 758-7347 or visiting rockets.com


Clutch Facts:
Always up for a good time, Clutch has been known to perform his hilarious hijinks everywhere, from his favorite balcony at the Toyota Center, to his yearly birthday party, to the annual NBA All Star Game. He loves meeting people and never misses an opportunity to entertain. Hanging out next to his very own statue in the Memorial Hermann Sky Court at the Toyota Center and signing copies of his book pre-game are certainly some of his favorite pastimes. In addition to performing live, Clutch also enjoys writing his regular column, Clutch Speaks, which is entering its fourth year as a staple on rockets.com. As of February, 2006, Clutch’s site boasts upwards of 30,000 visitors per month.

Check out Clutch's
brand new rock song,
"Clutch the Bear", written and performed by Chance McClain and Frank Bullington of Apollo XVIII.
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