Sketch comedian, interactive physical improvisational artist, motivational and inspirational children's edutainer, viral media sensation, published author and literacy advocate, innovative sports entertainment trendsetter… Who are we talking about? Is he a Hollywood A-Lister? If that were the case there wouldn’t be a Clutch logo at the top of this page! Since bursting onto the scene in 1995, Houston’s Own CLUTCH “The Rockets Bear” has become one of sport’s most celebrated mascots. With his imaginative skits and mischievous antics, Clutch personifies NBA entertainment at its best. An unofficial and unscientific study that never really happened reported that Clutch has hugged more Houstonians than anyone else on the planet. The Rockets are confident that this is the case. Can any of you think of anyone else that could give him a run for the title?

Named the 5th most recognizable mascot in sports by USA Today in February 2005, Clutch is the Houston Rockets’ number one fan, and can be seen cheering on his team at all Houston Rockets home games. Whether he is creating impromptu comedy, cheerleading, signing autographs, dancing with the Power Dancers (to the beat of his own drum), doling out hugs, or performing on-court skits, Clutch is always a fan favorite. Though a celebrity in his own right, he has also worked with many Hollywood celebrities, sports stars and politicians, including Jack Nicholson, Kevin Costner, George Bush Sr., Tiger Woods, Adam Sandler, Bill Murray, P-Diddy, Nelly, Chris Tucker, Andy Roddick, Beyonce, and WWE Superstars Booker T. and Big Show, to name a few.

While Clutch loves entertaining fans at the Toyota Center, this ubiquitous Houstonian also makes 300 Houston area appearances each year, along with 25 out of town and international appearances. At many of these events Clutch can be seen performing his hilarity not only to the beat of his own drum, but to the beat of his own rock song, “Clutch the Bear,” written and performed by Chance McClain and Frank Bullington of the band Apollo XVIII (available for free download here). He has entertained fans all over the continental United States and Alaska, as well as in Russia, England, Kosovo, Bosnia, Canada, Mexico (2 tours), Taiwan, and China (5 tours). He is the only bear to have started a snowball fight on the Great Wall of China! Sorry, Power Dancers! The tours in England, Kosovo, and Bosnia were for Armed Forces Entertainment; Clutch, Rockets Power Dancers, and the Rockets Launch Crew proudly entertained audiences as large as 1,000 comprised of US troops stationed abroad. In conjunction with dance team coach, chorographer, and in-arena host Sweet Susie, Clutch organized and produced the shows for our men and women in uniform.

Clutch’s philosophy on life can be boiled down to one easy to remember word, SMILES! CLUTCH says that SMILES stands for: Stuffed animal who everyone wants to hug, Marketing the Rockets all over the place all the time, Inspiring the Rockets and their fans to victory, Laughter is more important than anything, Educating youth to make intelligent, future oriented decisions, and Stunts that amaze. Because Clutch is passionate about helping youth, approximately 100 of his Houston area appearances are for elementary schools, where he performs an interactive show called “Building A Future.” The four main shows and topics covered are: “Slam Dunk TAKS” (Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills), “Just Say No” for Red Ribbon Week and year round anti-drug rallies, “PRIDE” to build character and discourage bullying, and “Reading ROCKS” to promote literacy and the value of reading. As of June, 2010 this “edutainer” had performed over 1,000 School Shows in front of more than 1/2 million students! The Rockets organization, in partnership with Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital, have released 5 children’s story books revolving around Clutch’s experiences at Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital. They are entitled Clutch’s Day at the Doctor illustrated by Ninh Pham, Clutch’s Hospital Adventure illustrated by Joshua Jones, Clutch Shapes Up illustrated by Jose Lopez, Clutch When I Grow Up and Clutch's World Tour both illustrated by Stephanie de Yabarrondo.. All five books are written by Robert Boudwin. These books are given out gratis to students across the city at Clutch’s “Building A Future” School Shows and Memorial Hermann Hospitals. As of the 2009-2010 season, 300,000 total books have been given out city wide.

Always up for a good time, Clutch has been known to perform his hilarious hijinks everywhere, from his favorite balcony at the Toyota Center, to his yearly birthday party, to the annual NBA All Star Game. He loves meeting people and never misses an opportunity to entertain. Hanging out next to his very own statue in the Memorial Hermann Sky Court at the Toyota Center and signing copies of his book pre-game are certainly some of his favorite pastimes. In addition to performing live, Clutch also enjoys writing his regular column, Clutch Speaks, which is a staple on Having become somewhat of a viral media sensation, Clutch has videos posted on by fans which have over a collective 20 million views. One video in particular, the failed marriage proposal, has over 10 million views alone. SPOILER ALERT: Clutch set the whole thing up!

At the annual NBA mascot conference (Yes, these furballs actually have a conference), Clutch was voted by the rest of his fellow mascots the inaugural “NBA Mascot of the Year” in September of 2005. In 2009, his peers honored him again by voting him the winner of the NBA mascot leadership award. This ostentatious Houston icon has been known to be a P.T. Barnum of sorts when it comes to special stunts. In 2008, the die hard Rockets fan became the first mascot to ever run a 5K. Clutch ran the 3.2 miles in 44 minutes to raise awareness for the 2008 Rockets Run. In 2009, he did it again and beat his first record with a time of 39:29. He also brought home a first place title in the 2005 NBA “Crazy For The Finals Competition” when he rode the Downtown Aquarium’s Diving Bell Ferris Wheel for 24 consecutive hours. A second place title was earned in June, 2006 when Clutch faced off against Haley, mascot for the Houston Comets, in the Toyota Center 100 which was a 100 lap Go-Kart race around the Toyota Center. In April of 2004 during a Rockets playoff drive Clutch spent 112 consecutive hours on a Toyota Center Balcony after vowing not to come down until the Rockets clinched a playoff spot. The daredevil came down from his camp site after the Rockets clinched that playoff spot at home on Friday, April 9th, 2004. In December of 2003, Clutch was recognized for his creativity, hard work, and dedication by being named best mascot in all of sports by, a leading sports entertainment and game operations web site. Clutch believes he won the award thanks to the support of his loyal fans (not because he voted for himself day and night for a year).

A proud innovator, Clutch introduced “AIR” or inflatable mascots to professional sports in 1997 with “AIR” Clutch. Other Clutch creations that have been widely popularized and used throughout sports include mascot bowling, and mascot stilt boxing, self explanatory. He enjoys training and mentoring mascots at the high school, collegiate, minor league, and professional levels at both the summer camps he directs and private coaching sessions around the year. On August 14th, 2010 Clutch hosted his first Mascot Fantasy Camp on the Rockets practice court at Toyota Center, an event he plans on hosting yearly. The camp was attended by Houston area mascot performers, die hard Rockets fans, and several mascot performers from across the United States.

As a founding executive board member of the Mascot Hall of Fame, which can be visited at, Clutch is excited to be an integral part of an institution that recognizes and celebrates excellence in the mascot profession. In August 2006, Clutch’s fellow Mascot Hall of Fame executive board members and the 300 person voting membership inducted the character into the Hall at its second annual induction ceremony. He received 3.5 million on-line votes in a month long poll conducted by the Hall of Fame. This was Clutch’s first opportunity for induction, as characters must be in existence for a minimum of 10 years before qualifying for eligibility. attended by Houston area mascot performers, die hard Rockets fans, and several mascot performers from across the United States.

With a state of the art new arena, millions of friends across Houston, and an exciting team to support, in his 16th season with the Rockets, Clutch can’t wait to see what the future will bring! Visit Clutch and the Rockets at To schedule Clutch at your next special event please call his trainer, Dominic Davila, at (713) 758-7347.