Why is education #1? I'll tell you why! Each and every one of you is doing something right now. You did it yesterday and you'll do it tomorrow. You will do it for the rest of your life. You are all BUILDING A FUTURE! It is your choice whether to make that future a bright one or a dark one. That future starts right now. Let’s just say you are in elementary school. Where do we go after elementary school? That’s right, Middle School. Where do we go after middle school? Correct again, High School. Where do we go after high school? You got it, College. Where do we go after college? Right on, the answer being of course, wherever we want to go. After we go to college we use all of that education to make a future for ourselves. We BUILD THAT FUTURE with a solid education. That education serves as the foundation for the rest of our lives because education is the one thing that will make the rest happen. Whether you want a career, a family, to further your education, or anything else, it all starts with education because EDUCATION IS # 1! Let me hear you say it with me. Yes, whether you are reading a print out of this or are reading on your computer screen, I want you to say it out loud with me. Ready? O.K., proclaim it nice and loud now. “EDUCATION IS #1!